Grimm: Wesenrein
January 16, 2015 7:04 PM - Season 4, Episode 9 - Subscribe

The Wesenrein act on their threats against Rosalee and Monroe; Hank and Nick try to help Wu find the answers he is seeking; Juliette is faced with reality.
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Oh, man. I loved everything about this episode except for it not being followed immediately by the next new episode. Got all the Monroe-in-peril I was hoping for, and all of the Wu scenes I didn't even know I wanted.

I knew that Juliette ripping out Rosalie's throat had to be a nightmare, but, they held that shot long enough for me start getting anxious.
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Poor Terry.

I'm also glad they finally #ToldWu, it was getting kinda ridiculous how long they'd put it off. At this point it seems like every time the show comes back from a break they tell someone else about Grimm stuff, like to get new viewers up to date on the concepts.
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Holy crap balls, I was only half paying attention when Juliette suddenly attacked Rosalie and I just had to stop it because I couldn't believe they'd not only killed off Rosalie but hurt an adorable fuchsbau. Then of course it was over, but I was thinking damn, they've gone all hardcore.
This episode really keeps the action going, but the white power nazi angle is so gross there isn't really going to be a good enough slaughter to wash away the yuckiness.

Who else thought she might say Monrosalie?
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I about lost it seeing the killing scene. So horrible. Thank goodness it was all a dream.

Yes, it so sounded like "Monrosalee" was going to come out.

Yeah, glad to see they finally had to tell Wu. I'm still wondering how they're going to have him deal with it though, he does not seem so cool and froody as Hank did. I kind of wonder if he's going to snap and decide to start killing wesen or something.
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Yeah, I also thought he showed signs of cracking.
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I thought Wu took it pretty well, all things considered. He was always good for a deadpan/gallows humor line at the crime scene, and it seemed like that was coming back to fore. His scene with Reynard cracked me up.
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Who else thought she might say Monrosalie?

I did too. Maybe next time.
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I hope not. It was a direct enough tip to the fan base, I think. They are clearly aware everyone loves Monrosalee, they needed to do more incorporating Juliette, fixing the Wu problem, etc. Maybe because it didn't really have a formed core to betray, it generally keeps improving either with input or coincidentally with what the audience seems to want. They seem to be headed toward a proper Buffying, which might be why I seriously entertained them suddenly killing people off.

I keep my expectations low, so I'm all happy when they do a decent job of something.

Juliette is so much better now, using actual skills the others don't have with the vet/med/lab/Spanish knowledge, being pragmatic, and now what with the hexen thing-- I don't want her to be all hallucinating again but if it was related to that, like her having been subjected to so much hexen magic made her more susceptible-- if Nick ends up just being crazy butch muscle guy, it's good she be more of the brains of the operation.

I'm surprised Trubel ended up working so well, but there hasn't been room to miss her.
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I'm surprised Trubel ended up working so well, but there hasn't been room to miss her.

I didn't miss her exactly, since the episode just zoomed along, but that moment when Nick told Wu that Trubel was a Grimm made me look forward to a scene of them interacting again.
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I don't know how much was it being late and my being tired when I watched it vs how well they sold it, but when the Rosalie moment happened there was not one shred of me that thought it wasn't real. And they played it honestly, with her being woken from the couch and into the moment pretty quickly. It was well done and really affecting.

I like the way this seems like it's going. After a lot of pretty positive portrayals of the vessen over the years we're seeing some really ugly organization rather than one-off ickyness. We've also got Wu seeming to be at the edge of verbalizing "why don't we just slaughter them all" that seems like it drove the Grimms for years. Obviously I'm not a fan of either of those things, but I think they are under-explored voices that would be there in this sort of situation.
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FINALLY THEY TOLD WU. He's giving off a "barely holding it together" vibe, particularly when he realized that Reynard was in on the whole thing too. Reggie Lee's really good at doing wide-eyed "can't believe this shit" looks to camera.

But given that Wu was COMMITTED TO A MENTAL HOSPITAL over what he thought he'd imagined, (a) he seems to be accepting it surprisingly easily, and (b) shouldn't he be a WHOLE LOT ANGRY with Hank and Nick for not telling him sooner.

Also: shouldn't Wu have voiced a little concern at the whole "this won't be quite standard police procedure" thing? Part of his suspicion was that Nick was a rogue/dirty cop.
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I think it would be fair game to address a lot of that in coming episodes and there's good stuff to do there. Here's hoping.

As far as going off the reservation, I have no issue buying that he'd get swept up in saving a friend's friend from a bunch of hatemongers. Do I think he might have subsequent concerns about the coverup? Sure. And see above :)
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Ooops, premature postus. I think it could also be cool to have Wu as the voice against playing cover-up at every angle. He can very rightly say "hey, this approach didn't work out so awesome for me. And who knows how it turns out for some of the civilians who we never see again once an incident is over?" Would be a definite shift from Hank who never pushed back on the keeping secrets.
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