What We Do in the Shadows: The Wedding
August 9, 2022 11:06 PM - Season 4, Episode 6 - Subscribe

Guillermo loses his mind trying to help Nandor plan the perfect vampire wedding.
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I think "Who Will Come First on the Wedding Night" is my favorite wedding song of all time. "I think Nandor might ♪♪ On the wedding night ♪♪ Who will come first on the wedding night? ♪♪ If his cock feels right ♪♪ And her pussy is tight... ♪♪"
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I'm so pleased they got Doug Jones as the Baron's original self.
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Soooo, Marwa's newfound delight in Guillermo is part of the djinn's wish that she likes everything Nandor likes, yes? Also, I hope the Guide and Derek hang out more. I really loved Sean and his wife enjoying the wedding. I am really hoping that the Sklar brothers house-flipping show comes to fix the Vampire residence.

"Rich humans are basically like veal--conceptually repulsive, but so rich on my tongue. "
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Episode highlights:
  • Guillermo actually losing his cool and yelling - twice
  • the boom mike tapping him on the shoulder
  • the makeover montage
  • Doug Jones without a mask or prosthetics
    • he has such an expressive face
    • and everybody talking about how sexy he is

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    I've been seeing a lot of stuff about how Guillermo and Nandor need to get together as a couple, and... I just don't get that vibe between them at all. In the past they've certainly dropped plenty of hints that Guillermo may have been in love with Nandor, but I kind of feel like Guillermo may not see his boss like that anymore. They have this bizarre dynamic where they're kind of best friends at the same time that Guillermo is seething with resentment and Nandor sees Guillermo like a favorite pet. It's all really twisted, but I just don't see a sexual spark there and I can't imagine them falling into a clinch. Besides, the show keeps dropping hints that Guillermo already has a boyfriend! (I hope they make that clearer soon. It's 2022 and it feels weird for a show to be doing the old Wayland Smithers gag where we all know a character's gay but nobody ever just says it.)

    Doug Jones actually didn't look bad as the restored Baron. With those cheekbones, you could see how he might be a heartthrob for the undead set. I was wondering if being restored to health would make him all nasty and merciless again, like when the vamps were all terrified of him, but he seemed like the same inexplicably sweet guy we've come to know.

    Between the wedding finally happening, Nandor using up all his wishes and the plethora of callbacks and cameos, this kind of felt like a season finale... but we're only six episodes in!

    Poor dodo!
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    The Guillermo and Nandor is weird Internet fetishism, I do not feel as if that is the intention of the showrunners to make their relationship romantic and if it happens it'll be catering to fan desires.

    My one complaint with the show is that I feel it spends a lot of its budget on special effects and the sets are beginning to feel claustrophobic. Interview with a Vampire did a good job of having large outdoor scenes. There's huge budget differences but they could maybe do a better job of having the vampires out and about at night? I almost welcome the Guillermo scenes since he's in the real world.
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    I hope they make that clearer soon. It's 2022 and it feels weird for a show to be doing the old Wayland Smithers gag where we all know a character's gay but nobody ever just says it.

    In the context, the ambiguity is kind of a meta joke. This show doesn’t shy away from gayness at all. The vampires are all relentlessly pansexual and will fuck anything that moves. To be coy about Guillermo is funny in this context. Also, the vampires are quite self-centered with no regard for Guillermo’s private life. They, and the reality show camera crew, are just ignoring what Guillermo does when it doesn’t directly involve the vampires.

    That is one of the meta levels of the show I really love. Not just Guillermo’s boyfriend’s absence. But also just how the camera crew and unseen editors are the ones shaping this entire story. We see what they want us to see. It’s occasionally made explicit on the show. I hope there’s an episode about what’s been cut out by the production crew and how the missing bits change how we understand the plot so far.
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    Poor Derek - "you had my number this whole time?"

    It was nice of the djinn to stay for the wedding even after all the wishes were used up. And then his thoughtful gift of another 3 wishes, which Nandor was so rude about. Heh.

    I love a good makeover montage.
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    Guillermo losing his shit and then asking to go again was such a great opening to this.

    That dodo bird walking down the hall? The best!

    Maybe it's the hat, but Nandor's wedding outfit looked a little like Lo Pan's costume in Big Trouble in Little China to me. And then Doug Jones being able to act without an arm tied literally behind his back? "That'll do nicely. I'm stiff as a board."

    Looking forward to The Sire's speech being spoken of at many weddings in the future.
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