Star Trek: Lower Decks: Mining the Mind's Mines
September 8, 2022 12:07 PM - Season 3, Episode 3 - Subscribe

Everybody's rockin'.

In the stories, Memory Alpha is a tiny comedic robot that's always getting into trouble:

- This episode references several past incidents experienced by the Lower Deckers aboard the Cerritos, including: "[..] that Klingon who took off in the ship and he was drunk ("Envoys")", the time they "tussled with mugatos" ("Mugato, Gumato"), the two times they "tussled with the Pakleds" ("No Small Parts" and "wej Duj"), the time they "scared the crap out of that drill instructor" ("I, Excretus"), and the time they "stood strong in an alien trial" that was clarified as "more of a party" ("Veritas").

- This episode was the third this season (and fourth in a row overall) to feature the return of a "legacy" character from Star Trek: The Next Generation, namely the illusion of Leah Brahms, who previously appeared as a hologram in the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode's "Booby Trap" and "Galaxy's Child".

- Mariner and Jennifer are still together, so that's cool.

"Damn, get it, Trent!" -- Mariner

Poster's Log:

The first two eps this season were fine IMO, but this one really kicked it into high gear, with an evocation/evisceration of a venerable Trek trope (the thingy that reveals your deepest desires/fears), continuations of Mariner's and Tendi's individual character arcs, easter eggs, and even an interesting question/theme: how the crew of other ships at the Cerritos' level (i.e. second contact missions) see the 'ritos. They even haven't forgotten about Jennifer! I kind of forgot about Jennifer. And we get Klingon clowns (Klowngons?).

Poster's Log, supplemental: does everyone in ops crush on Leah Brahms? That must be awkward at Starfleet Corps of Engineers conferences; everyone trying to impress her with their hot takes on plasma injector optimization routines, and she's just trying to get to the table with the muffins on it.
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Great episode. Still the best of the new Treks for me. The writers really do so much in so little time and the writing is considered and thought out to make a far more consistent universe and characters compared to the other Treks where almost everything yo-yos.
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"Even in your fantasy you're in a sidecar?!" is a great question from Mariner.

Also loving how Lower Decks will bring back original TNG folks to reprise their roles. Dr Leah Brahms this episode, Captain Sonya Gomez in last season's finale. Can the crystal aliens from Velara III be next? (They once called the crew of the Enterprise "ugly bags of mostly water.")
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I cackled out loud when Stevens called back to the incorporeal energy koala of season one's Moist Vessel episode. Such a great throwaway line.
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yeah I really love how for some reason this show has really decided it's time to go full steam ahead on "koala and black mountain" to refer to death
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With special guest Baron Vaughn from MST3K!
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Why is he smiling?? What does he know??
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I thought this one felt like a return to form after the two rather disappointing episodes that started the season.
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Plus a Sulu heating rocks reference.

The characters talking over each other wasn't funny the first time and is not getting any funnier the more they repeat it.
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I thought this one felt like a return to form after the two rather disappointing episodes that started the season.

I've found each season of Lower Decks starts out lukewarm and improves. The opposite for Discovery (though I stopped after S2 so I have no real idea if that continued) and Picard.
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Are they referring to Rutherford by his first name more often, or is it just me?
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A significant improvement over the previous episode. Big props for bringing in Kulkulkan from TAS, too.
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