Star Trek: Lower Decks: Room for Growth
September 15, 2022 9:45 AM - Season 3, Episode 4 - Subscribe

What happens in the holodeck, stays in the holodeck. What happens in the spa, stays in the spa. What happens in the Delta Shift party room... pfft, let the whole quadrant know.

Memory Alpha, its throat slit by its mistress:

- In terms of tropes, I'm just gonna give up and link to the TVTropes page for this episode [warning: serious chronovore if you're not familiar with TVTropes); here's the page for the series if you wanna catch up and have some hours/days/eons to burn.

- Two additional background characters introduced during LD Season 1 are given names for the first time in this episode, Federov and Moxy.

- Toz is the third Edosian to appear in Star Trek, after Arex from Star Trek: The Animated Series, and the Division 14 medical specialist from the Lower Decks episode "Much Ado About Boimler".

- Delta Shift has been mentioned in "Terminal Provocations" and "Temporal Edict." Don't think that we've heard about/from Alpha and Gamma shifts, though...

- I guess that we knew about Shaxs and T'Ana before now, but I don't know that we knew that they were actually doing it. They were in a, uh, docking maneuver in the "Naked Time" training simulation that Mariner went into, and someone did cosplay of that; you can look it up yourself, just as long as you understand that what has been seen...

Poster's Log:

Wow, sure seemed like Beta and Delta were going to Breakfast Club it there for a moment.

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I can’t find the right search terms for that cosplay, please send link
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Freakin' "Masks" previously on FF.

Weird ep, though mostly in a good way. LD is a great venue for reminding Stream Trek viewers that space travel is full of batshittery. But something about the stakes and, especially, the rhythm here felt almost like a different team of writers at work, perhaps most starkly in the closing Ransom moment. It could simply be that they're using this ep's "hangout" vibe as a way to build some relationship stuff that they plan to strain or otherwise exploit/pay off later in the season. In that respect, the level of serialization here is very reminiscent of the last few TNG seasons'.

I was momentarily shocked to see Toz light up an actually-incendiary smoking material before I remembered that this is one of the few shows I don't watch on Disney+.

Good to know the Mafia franchise remains viable in the 24th century!
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The cosplay I mentioned before. More SFW than I remembered.
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That’s awesome!
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The engineering crew being unable to relax without building stuff is a nice throwback to Scotty getting a chance to catch up on his technical journals after being confined to quarters in The Trouble With Tribbles. The bunch of Geordie LaForges!

I also love the way that Mariner predicts their futures and Boimler doesn't even flinch about how he'll be dead because he keeps on his Bold path.
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For some reason, The Dove had a strong Culture-ship vibe for me, but then again, I guess I have always pictured GSVs like spas.
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Is there a space violin in any of the other ST or was I just laughing because it looked like the one from Starship Troopers?
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Violin at Memory Alpha.

I seem to recall a cameo by a Clevinger electric upright bass at some point in Star Trek but cannot recall where. I once played mine onstage on a play which had a few Q-and-As after some performances. The most frequent question was, "What the hell is that thing you were playing?"
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I would greatly an enjoy an entire spinoff about Toz and the Dove.
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