Rick and Morty: Solaricks
September 9, 2022 11:21 PM - Season 6, Episode 1 - Subscribe

They're back, baby! The Smiths deal with last season's fallout, and Rick and Morty are stranded in space floating in the remnants of the citadel.
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My partner and I were reflecting in disbelief on how long this show has been a thing. We started watching episode 2 of season 1 and at this point it's been a thing in our lives for almost a decade. And I have to say, I know it sounds so insufferable, but watching any other TV feels slow and plodding after watching Rick and Morty. It moves SO fast and the jokes and references and plot points are so dense. My partner actually turned to me at one point and was like "wow...so much continuity" which I think really summed up this episode for me. It's been a while but Rick and Morty trusted us to pick up right where it left off.

Wild that Jerry was the only one to survive the Cronenberged Earth!
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“Mmmm, I’m Mister Frundles!” might be the most horrifying line of the entire series
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Mr Frundles was FUCKED UP. And such a random commentary on invasive species..."I don't know, it was cute!!" is really the cause of SO many humans' problems with weeds, pests, etc.

That said, nothing beats the horror of "everything's on a cob," sorry, I don't make the rules
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@potrzebie At this point the first episode of a new season of Rick and Morty should be a recognized holiday. I need time to watch repeatedly to prize out all the bits.
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I stan Space Beth, but I admire the more-or-less direct statement that they're not going to wear her out. I also wonder if the bits with Rick and "ghost" Diane is some sort of hint that they're going to bring her back (or one of her back) in the future.
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Are these eps streaming anywhere yet? I've got HBO Max & Hulu, but neither are airing the new season...
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I'm watching it via the Adult Swim app, which has ads.
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Got it! Whoo hoo!

Something I've been struggling with, forgive me if I'm failing Rick & Morty TransDimensional Continuity 101:
The Rick we've been watching since S1E1 is the one whose wife got murdered by short-haired evil Rick. He eventually settled in what would become Cronenberg Earth with the Morty of that dimension. I'm also assuming that given the hard reset of portal travelers in this episode, that means that short-haired evil Rick is the original Rick of that dimension? Anyway, after Cronenberging Earth, Murdered-Wife Rick and Not-Cronenberged Morty then jump to a timeline where their counterparts had just died, so they buried them in the backyard and took their place. So, here are my questions: in previous seasons, when our Rick & Morty say they are from Dimension C-137... which of the three dimensions mentioned is that? The first one of Murdered-Wife Rick? The 2nd one that got Cronenberged? Or the third one with the dead Rick & Morty? And when Ricks jump to a new dimension, was their designation updated? Because, if C-137 Rick is the Rickest Rick, which Rick was that? Our Rick sure seems like the Rickest Rick, although maybe that's what they all think, but anyway, is he the actual C-137 Rick?

Dammit Morty! You're overthinking things!
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Just watched it again, don't know how I missed the very explicit acknowledgment that wife-killing Rick and our Morty are from the same timeline. D'oh!

Anyway, I'm still not clear on which of the 3 timelines is C-137.
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Came here hoping to find the answer to the C-137 dilemma, without having to resort to other internet sources.
I'll be back with what I find.
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