Rick and Morty: Bethic Twinstinct
September 19, 2022 7:27 PM - Season 6, Episode 3 - Subscribe

Gotta love yourself or no one else ever will, broh.

Beth and Space Beth surrender to the inevitable. Jerry reveals the pillbug emotional defense system that Morty gave him. It was a hell of a Thanksgiving.
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I didn't understand the last bit.
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Jerry went to check his feelings about himself, and turns out, they're platonic.
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It was Jerryboree.
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I'm sorry, I wasn't specific. I meant what was the deal with Rick putting away the wine?
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Unexplained as of yet.
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So, speaking from experience here, alcoholics have this thing that they do sometimes: they'll pretend to throw their booze away, but not really toss it out. Late in my alcoholic career, I'd wake up, see how low the level in the bottle on my nightstand was, and throw it in the trash... but leave the cap on, and not pour it down the sink. Later that day, when I was past my hangover, I'd start thinking about that bottle, and how it was only dirty on the outside, and besides, alcohol sterilizes, right? Rick can make a new controller for his liquor cabinet cloak in less than ten seconds.

Pretty good episode for the adults; Jerry may have actually leveled up in terms of grown-up functionality, both in coming to an accommodation with the Beths (compare/contrast with the episode where he finds out what his parents are into), and in checking out the possibilities of doppelgänger attraction for himself. And it's weirdly comforting to know that there are still some things that will squick the kids out, even though they've been around the block themselves.
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I was thinking that the bottle was the venusian stuff that the Beths started on, so he was grumpily hiding it away. I wonder what the bottle with the tiny Morty in it contains, some sort of space-tequila?

I found the realism setting in the video game to be quite amusing.
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I found the realism setting in the video game to be quite amusing.

See also: Penn and Teller's "Desert Bus"
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I figured that cranking up the realism would lead to a Jumanji situation. I’m glad they swerved me.
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