Quantum Leap: Atlantis
September 26, 2022 8:14 PM - Season 1, Episode 2 - Subscribe

Ben finds himself headed into orbit aboard the Space Shuttle Atlantis in 1995. Addison confides to Ian about a discovery and finds herself at odds with Magic and Jen.
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Things I care about: Leaping into different people and solving wrapped-up-in-an-hour dilemmas.

Things I do not care about: Some b-plot conspiracy theory with a cliff-hanger of the week.
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For all of this reboot trying to be a continuation of the original, they still seem to be to be making some basic blunders. Like, in that Addison reaction shot after Ben leaps out at the end, why did they leave the space background? The hologram sees what the leaper sees, as soon as Ben was gone, the space imagery should have faded out and been replaced by the Imaging Chamber background. And where was astronaut Temura all episode? I realize the continuity is a little fuzzy on where the leaper's body is in between leaps, since the original opening narration does say Sam "vanished", but, it was pretty clearly established in subsequent episodes that while the leaper is in the past in some other person's body, that person is in the present at QL appearing as the leaper. (I mean, wasn't there even a whole episode where Sam had leaped into a dangerous criminal, and that guy busted out of QL and Al had to go out and track him down to bring him back so Sam could leap out?)

I have a feeling my general ignorance when it comes to a lot of modern history is going to work against me here. Like, the only space shuttle event that I really remember was the Challenger explosion. So watching this I had no clue whether any of these astronauts were actual people or completely fictionalized. Though, the writing was so clunky, I didn't find any of them believable as actual astronauts.
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Yeah, I seriously hate the mystery box b-plots and “For All Mankind” has given me better and more suspenseful space drama recently. QL 2.0 is 0 for 2 so far. I’ll watch one more and then I think I can find something better to do with my Monday nights.
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Yea, it's looking like all the actors will get equal time. That's too bad. Maybe they should rotate being the hologram and put the cat and mouse game plot in the back burner.
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Maybe they should rotate being the hologram and put the cat and mouse game plot in the back burner.

That would be a good update on the original.
Science girl shows up in a medical scenario, hacker guy in a tech scenario, military guy when the leaper ends up at the pentagon, etc.

If you don't have someone like Dean Stockwell to lean on, you need to find a different hook.
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Quantum Leap really needs the classic theme song.
Even just a shortened sting.
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I started rewatching the original 1989 pilot.
Ok, I'm still rolling my eyes at the Atlantis spinning out of control - but visually, it seems to mirror the out-of-control jet in that episode.

And Syfy wire found another callback/Easter-egg
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Okay, yes, the show is a network show - competent but formulaic and predictable - but that's exactly what I need right now so I'm going to enjoy myself dagnabbit.
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The next episode is better, and the fourth episode has an exciting reveal that relates to one of the original show episode. Kinda disappointed I didn't connect the dots. It was right there.
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My main problem is exemplified by the intro:

"Each time Ben hopes that the next leap..
will be the leap...
that takes him back...
to the people...
and places...
that he calls...

Why change that?
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