Atlanta: The Homeliest Little Horse
October 11, 2022 6:40 PM - Season 4, Episode 2 - Subscribe

Earn goes to therapy, and we see how hard it can be for a woman to make it in children's literature.
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i love this show SO MUCH
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OMG, the reveal at the end! The way both Al (I feel weird still calling him Paperboi at this point) and Darius react to Earn at the end is amazing. It's one thing to make oneself the lead character of one's own show, but to then have that character do distinctly unheroic things –things that even his best friends could not get behind at all – is something else for sure.
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Mad props to Blake Bloom who played the Lisa Mahn character who captured the every phase of the sad white lady reactionary progression. She was pitiful without being pitiable.
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I don't know, I felt a little bad for her when her friend (who had been keeping her afloat financially!) refused to say that she liked her writing. But yeah, Brooke Bloom really hit it out of the park with this performance – so many layers.
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God, that was delightful. The "pettiness" tag has never been more earned.
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