American Horror Story: Something's Coming
October 20, 2022 8:00 PM - Season 11, Episode 1 - Subscribe

New York City, 1981. A serial killer stalks NYC's gay community. Elsewhere, a mysterious plague strikes wildlife.
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I'll have more to say about this at some point, but I'm pretty busy at the moment -- not too busy to check out both episodes, though. It's a little slow to get going and uncharacteristically humorless, but I'm not...not interested, I guess. Zachary Quinto, Patti LuPone and Klaus Nomi are all here, so how bad could it be, you know?
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Finally got to watch this yesterday. So far I am really unsure what to think of it. In a lot of ways its the least "American Horror Story" like episode I can remember. Comes off more as historical drama than anything. None of this is bad I just really wonder where they are going with it and how the deer stuff ties in?
posted by Captain_Science at 11:58 AM on October 23, 2022

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