The Bugle: Bugle 285 - Where's Bono?
January 24, 2015 9:41 AM - Subscribe

World leaders head to Davos, but the big question has to be asked... where's Bono?

In this week's audio newspaper for a visual world, Andy Zaltzman and John Oliver's top story is the World Economic Forum in Davos, "a gigantic networking opportunity masquerading as a humanitarian summit." A section of audio beauty tips to make yourself sound more beautiful goes straight in the bin while John announces his candidacy for president of Fifa, promising "if I cannot run Fifa into the ground, nobody can," and revelations are made about the unexpected connection between Producer Chris's birthplace and his obsession with triathlons. Andy struggles to come to grips with Deflategate, a scandal and a sport that he has difficulty understanding as neither of them is cricket, an excellent segue into a plug for his Wrong Hemisphere gigs in connection with the World Cricket Cup. Thanks go out to the Buglers who have contributed to the GoFundMe campaign for one of Andy's daughter's classmates with cancer.
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I was listening using headphones, that thunderboom made me jump out of my seat!
posted by jazon at 2:50 PM on January 24, 2015

The triathlon / Holy Trinity bit had the perfect throwaway joke from Andy: "hence the term 'Christ on a bike'."
posted by We had a deal, Kyle at 1:22 PM on January 26, 2015

I feel so bad for those poor women stuck with just one episode of the Bugle. That's gotta be the equivalent of what Alex went through in A Clockwork Orange, right?
posted by hobgadling at 2:31 PM on January 26, 2015

...the whole of Davos has more than a whiff of Bond villain lair.

posted by readery at 11:21 AM on February 2, 2015

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