Glee: The Hurt Locker, Part 1
January 23, 2015 10:11 PM - Season 6, Episode 4 - Subscribe

I take back everything I said about Glee getting good again. Now I shall discuss my rage.

The entire episode was pretty much "Sue goes vengeance crazy AGAIN, like that shit never got old." She has a pink Barbie drone. She has ISIS Awareness Week. She has a hate wall that one day, the Lima cops will have to make note of...hiding a Klaine altar, because she has decided to get her "beloved" Porcelain and Blaine back together. By unleashing a bear cub in The Rainbow Bedroom, unleashing all of Dave's exes into Breadstix, and finally discovering that they're third cousins. (Oh, come on, it's not like they're gonna make incest babies....) Oh yeah, she also hypnotizes Sam into wooing Rachel and picking a fight between Rachel and Will, shows her drone footage to the Carmel principal (Figgins' uh, sister).... can I keep track of all of this? Do I want to? She also sings "Bitch" and has one freaky music video.

Oh yeah, there's going to be an "invitational" so the three rival clubs can perform even though nobody has bothered to recruit 8 more members of New Directions yet. Rachel wants Blaine and Will to "throw" it so as to not intimidate her kids. They do not. The episode ends on an angry Will and Vocal Adrenaline.... well. Did you know there was a song where the entire lyrics of are "Rock Lobster?" (And somehow Becky has a lobster costume?) Yes. There is an entire fucking number of people in awful Austin Powers 60's outfits singing the words "Rock Lobster" over and over again. I haven't seen such deliberate bad since Will in that mariachi costume. Then they had some slight improvement with "Whip It," but Will's angry "whipping it" glare at Rachel...meanwhile, the entire audience is cringing in embarrassment for the once-mighty.

Okay, some good points:
ISIS Awareness Week sign in the background.
"A Thousand Miles" was done in a lovely duet, though I'm still trying to figure out how one sings while sitting on a piano flying down the street.
Everyone's facial expressions during the invitational. Why do I have the feeling they were supposed to be considering those performances "good' and totally couldn't fake that? Then again, who could?

To Ryan Murphy and company: I admit it, I'm in this till the bitter end. That's my own shame. But DAMN YOU, I think I'm not watching anything else you do again even though I enjoyed Popular.
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Oh my god that was spectacularly bad.
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Did you know there was a song where the entire lyrics of are "Rock Lobster?"

Um... yes. Or at least I'm aware of the B-52's song "Rock Lobster," which does use that lyric frequently, if not exclusively. It's not that obscure of a song.
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Sue's speech to Will felt like she was channeling an AV Club Commenter.
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I read jenfullmoon's rhetorical Rock Lobster question as sarcastic criticism, not newfound knowledge.
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Becky's lobster costume was the best part. I rented one once, but it was too big and I've always wanted one that fit properly. Seeing her in it was the high point for me.

I wish Brittney and Santana were back. I am still crazy about the minute long insult that Santana gave to Kurt.
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I like crazy plot Glee better than Very Special Episode Glee. I do like Sue insulting Will (or anyone insulting him), and Santana insulting Kurt.
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This was a totally bizarre episode.

The Sue insult rants used to be funny. Somehow they've lost the quality that made them dark comedy and instead to me they just feel mean and nasty now. I think because in general they toned down the crazy in the show, things like Sue roaming the halls shooting off fire extinguishers in kids' faces stop seeming satirically funny and start seeming like "this woman needs to be in jail."

And WTF with the hypnotizing Sam in a way that I'm not sure if I'm supposed to think he's really doing it or just playing along?

I see the next one is titled "part two" of this one. As I write this I haven't seen it yet. This one was so bad I couldn't take more of it right away.
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