Rick and Morty: JuRicksic Mort
November 7, 2022 6:24 AM - Season 6, Episode 6 - Subscribe

They're back, broh.

"We could have milked that thing for a whole season!"
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That was fun! I've been enjoying watching the show work with the limits of no portal gun, and a less godlike-Rick. I'm hoping that the changes in this episode are part of the arc, not the end of it!
posted by nightcoast at 6:41 AM on November 7, 2022

I am all in on a new show where Lisa Kudrow is a super-powerful skateboarding T Rex who leads animated dinosaurs travelling across the universe annoying Rick by making lives better.
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High points for me were:

1) Dinosaurs on the Joe Rogan show. "You know what's real? A rear naked choke!" "What??"

2) The gabbling nonsense the evil asteroid creature was yelling

3) Jerry calling the dinosaurs "Communist Dinosaur Scumbags"

4) "Typesetters Sad"

5) Rick totally eating shit when he tried to skate the asteroid impact site
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