The Handmaid's Tale: Safe
November 9, 2022 10:28 AM - Season 5, Episode 10 - Subscribe

Under threat, June must find a way to keep herself and her family safe from Gilead and its violent supporters in Toronto.
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Well, well, well. A lot of pieces moved in that episode.

June and Luke separated again but at least June has Nichole. Serena and June reunited and on the train to Hawaii together. Luke most likely off to jail unless he Tuello can pull something out of his hat.

Nick finally picks a side and lands himself in the slammer. Hard to see how he can escape the wall after so publicly declaring a an ally of June but perhaps he has some tricks up his sleeve from his network of eyes.

Lawrence seems to have gone full Gilead. Conversely Lydia looks ready to go full Mayday.

Naomi didn't have the best wedding day.

Janine got her spark back, will not be call Ofanybody, and is being carted away by the eyes with Lawrence's ex-Martha.

Rita and Moira still in Toronto and mostly sidelined in this season, appearing only as foils for June.

No update on Esther.

Good, strong season of TV. Excite to see how they wrap up the series next season. I suppose Nick, Janine, Esther (perhaps even Lydia) might somehow team up to escape / bring down Lawrence. Hope Emily comes back to at least close out her story.
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June's plot armor stopped working, so she had to buy some physical armor instead.

Seriously though, I am appreciating some of the more realistic aspects of this season. Lots of PTSD, implausible military plans, a faction of the population turning on refugees, Gilead simultaneously dealing with internal strife while worming its way back onto the world stage.

I do wonder how Hawaii would react to becoming the capitol (I guess?) of what remains of the US. It doesn't fit in with this story but personally would love a plot twist where they take the opportunity to become independent. Although assuming the US is still clinging to its political structure at least they would have half the votes in the Senate and 2/3rds in the House (probably more, if more of the remaining US population shifted to Hawaii vs Alaska).

I'd enjoy a West Wing-style spin-off series that tracked alongside the events we've seen in this series showing the government collapsing, reforming, etc.
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I'm sorry, putting Serena on that train with June is just grotesque. I hate this conceit that the two of them are somehow linked forever.
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This really is the best season we've had in a couple years now. It's like the death of Fred freed them up to come up with some new plotlines instead of rehashing roughly the same material repeatedly. I'm looking forward to the inversion of "June safe, Luke in danger" that next season promises.

What do we think for Janine: Jezebels, the colonies, or the wall?
posted by vibratory manner of working at 12:58 PM on November 12, 2022

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