Special Event: 📢📢📢 Week 2 Fundraiser Update: With your help the site will SURVIVE.
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📢📢📢Now, we ask you to help REVIVE Metafilter📢📢📢 As of today’s fundraising update, we’re only $500 a month away from our Survive target!* The community is coming together to keep the lights on at our shared online home. But we need to go further to safeguard Metafilter’s future. It’s time to 🌱Revive Metafilter.🌱

There are more details in the today’s fundraising updateMetaTalk update post, but if you just want the highlights:
crouton meter showing $6,546.67 in donations
New recurring contributions since the start of the fundraiser: $6,546.67
New one-time contributions since the start of the fundraiser: $38,394.15

That means we’re only $500 away from our original Survive target - just enough to keep the site on life support, but without funding to help it grow. One-time contributions have created a foundation that will give the site stability.

Now we just need a final push. We know we can edge over that Survive target. In the last two weeks of the fundraiser, let’s get to Revive, so that we can start rebuilding the site to become a sustainable operation that doesn’t need to issue these urgent appeals for help ever again.

Please continue giving. Please continue publicizing Metafilter’s need to raise funds. Please continue participating in the fundraising activities. And, above all, please keep posting and commenting on Metafilter. You’re the reason the site exists.

Help REVIVE Metafilter and check out the fundraising activities that are underway:

Get a post written by jessamyn, Eyebrows McGee or Rhaomi in exchange for your contribution in MeFi Posts for "Sale"
Check out some amazing art, signed books, commissioned work, services and all around great stuff that you can buy in Bid for glory with the Metafilter Fundraising Auction!
Share things you love and help increase MeFi’s affiliate income through Metafilter Holiday Gift Guides as part of the AskMe Black Friday Fundraiser.
We’re looking for people from all backgrounds to present or share interesting topics and/or skills in Metafilter Events or entertain with your talents in a MetaFilter Variety Show.
Dirty Old Town will recommend movies to you in exchange for donations. Or make his own donations in exchange for movies you post.
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Another thing I will do: donate $20 and assign me a theme and I'll fill up the FF sidebar with six new FF movie posts on your topic. Exorcism movies, body swap movies, orangutan comedies, doesn't matter. I'll make sure they're all available to watch online, too.
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I'm also selling posts!
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roolya_boolya contributed $20 movie for a themed movie posts set of six with an Arctic/life in the polar circle(s)/ snowy theme. Those will be up tomorrow. I'll also be sending out my first sponsored movie recs to Molesome and gakiko.
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roolya_boolya's theme day is up!

Who is next?
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FWIW, I also memailed roola_boolya about 14 more movies, so I'm thinking they got their money's worth.
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I'm tapped on the $5-per-FF-movie post thing, all 20 slots taken.


It's still possible to get:
-weirdly specific film recommendations for $5
-6 movie posts on the theme of your choice for $20!
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