American Horror Story: The Sentinel
November 10, 2022 5:19 PM - Season 11, Episode 7 - Subscribe

Patrick and Gino close in on the Mai Tai Killer. Hannah's research leads her to fear the worst.
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Random Notes:

*I was wrong last week: There are somehow three more episodes of this, although from what I can tell the story is over. Well, except for

*Big Daddy, who is so obviously Patrick's alternate personality that, if he somehow isn't, I...I mean, I won't do anything, because I don't have very much invested in this storyline, but I'll be really surprised. The spectral figures Patrick saw when he prepared to shoot Whitely were a pretty big tip-off (presumably these are the ghosts of the men Big Daddy killed), and Barbara's ghost was basically a flashing neon sign. If I actually liked Patrick at all, I might be concerned about this internal battle for his soul or whatever, but honestly Patrick seems like a dickhead.

*Gino is marginally better, but for God's sake, when your cop boyfriend tells you to walk away from the bad man before he almost kills you FOR THE THIRD TIME, you should seriously just listen. What incredible divine favoritism has allowed this immensely danger-prone man to survive life as a gay communist crusading reporter, to say nothing of his war experience?! Just crossing the street seems to imperil this guy, and yet! Somehow I just know this story ends in 2022, when Gino is like 100 and still kicking, long after everyone else has met an undeserving fate.

*Hannah seems to have discovered not only AIDS, but Lyme disease, a tick-borne illness that is a more serious issue than you may realize. There are many conspiracy theories IRL surrounding the possibility of both AIDS and Lyme as human-made (or at least human-facilitated) plagues, and I feel like the show may Go There, but I also feel like This Is Not the Time, all things considered. AHS leaned into wackadoo stuff like Kubrick faking the moon landing for laughs, but I don't think this is a great moment to fuck around too much with pandemic conspiracy theories.
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The spectral figures Patrick saw
I recognized at least one of those figures as a victim of Whitely's sentinel project. Seeing them is why Patrick pulled the trigger so I actually don't think Big Daddy is Whitely but Something Else, whatever that may be.
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I've always been puzzled by the old "cut your hand off to get out of handcuffs" horror trope. Wouldn't it be sufficient to just cut off your thumb?
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Also, my guess is that this particular disease is going to turn out to be neither AIDS nor Lyme, but I've been wrong about this show before.
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I had the same thought The Underpants Monster. But this show was never one for logic.
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