Interview with the Vampire: The Thing Lay Still   Books Included 
November 14, 2022 1:58 PM - Season 1, Episode 7 - Subscribe

(Season finale) The vampire family's agelessness and eccentricity draw increasing attention in New Orleans, convincing Lestat that they must depart for safer harbors. Before they leave, Claudia convinces him to throw one last party at the height of Mardi Gras, a grand costume ball where her murderous plans come to bloody fruition.

Memory and motivation are once again played with: Louis appears convinced that he killed Lestat until Daniel begins picking holes in his story, pointing out that he failed to finish the job. The resulting emotional crisis provokes another revelation: that Louis' "servant" Rashid is in fact the much older vampire Armand.
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Very gratified to say I called it. What a great season of television. I'm so excited for season two!
posted by merriment at 3:23 PM on November 14, 2022

merriment - I'd tried to stay open to other possibilities but after the finale I went through and rewatched all of the modern day scenes and duh of course he was Armand. I am truly pleased with him and can't wait to see him without needing to pretend next season. And one of the bonus things this show has given me is learning how many people love The Devil's Minion chapter in QotD as mush as I do, including Jacob Anderson. I 100% trust this show with Armand.

For some reason the other thing that was striking me as he was revealed was how high the bookcases are, and there is no ladder. Louis can't fly. Is this on purpose so he can only read what Armand gets him?

I loved the little callbacks to both the film and the books in this episode. The piano music. I cheered.

The totally ridiculous in the best way Mardi Gras ball. I hope I see 5,000 baby-eating kings next year for Halloween.

I've read in a few places that people are disappointed how messy this version of Anne's vampires are. The books have the grace of description and inner thought when she wants to remind us that these vampires aren't human- and are often monstrous, in ways the show must, well, show. I thought of that a lot in this finale where it sometimes went into camp in its bloodbath, but I don't see it as disgracing her ideas of vampires at all. I appreciated that this act was messy. It is a messy thing, killing your maker.

For those already feeling the hole this show will leave until next year- AMC's podcast is fantastic, as was Obsessed with the Vampire- I'm guessing it's their version of the Walking Dead after show.

I'm off to watch the 1,000 fan videos of the beautiful L+L ballroom scene and soak up all of the cast interviews that I can. See you all next season!
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the beautiful L+L ballroom scene

My god, yes. And the scene on the balcony also. I think it's important to show Lestat as transcendently beautiful in this episode before he's struck down, before we're reminded what a monster he is.

Man, this series was just so good. I couldn't have asked for more.
posted by uncleozzy at 10:28 AM on November 15, 2022

haplesschild you continue to be my people! Having just re-read the first three books, The Devil's Minion really holds up in a way that some other parts of the QotD don't--it's so interesting and kinky and strange.

And having just re-read QotD, Lestat's description of massacring the men at the temple of Azim is very fresh in my mind. It's super horrible! Extremely messy! I'm a bit of a wimp and some of the gore in the show does make me flinch, but I can't truthfully say it isn't in the spirit of the books.

Looking forward to catching up on all the recommended extras (and being extremely feral about all of this on Tumblr) until the next season arrives!
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highly disappointed it ended and I have to wait. definately planning a rewatch and a reread and obsessing on it. its been awhile but these vamps are living up to the books and beyond for me. I really haven't been this in love like this with vampires since I first read these books. Vampires do not sparkle! even when Lestat is being fabulous.
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