Leverage: Redemption: The Debutante Job
November 21, 2022 11:51 AM - Season 2, Episode 1 - Subscribe

The team helps a journalist investigating the corrupt president of a small eastern European nation, and along the way, infiltrates a high society debut and a rock star's basement.
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... well, that helps settle what I'll be up to this holiday(-for-me) weekend...
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"Alstonia." :D
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Eliot reeeeeeeeeeeeeeally did not appreciate the script written for his civil-engineer role.
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Bilingual bonus: the orange truck that sells empanadas as well as "ropa vieja" (old/secondhand clothes).
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I enjoyed the techie rivalry in this one. I miss having Aldis Hodge around on a regular basis, but we can have two techies too.

The debutante seemed a bit old to be a debutante, but her ceramicist ska boyfriend cracked me up. Like a young Patton Oswalt.
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I thought they had resolved the tech rivalry between Hodge and Brianna last season, so that felt like warm-over leftovers to me. I did like the idea of Sophie having to come to terms with her Kiki persona again, but it seemed too easy.
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['Ropa Vieja' is food; a tomato and beef based stew. It traditionally calls for flank steak, the falling-apart fibrous nature of which makes it look like you're cooking shredded rags.
"Mmm, smells delicious, what's for dinner?"
(with a smirk) 'Oh, I'm just boiling your Old Clothes.']
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"Alstonia." :D

Ah! I kept hearing Estonia and was wtf all episode.
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Sigh. Hardison not Hodge, but I hope everybody understood what I meant.
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"We don't.... We don't play in Eliot's sandwich." Brianna must have learned that lesson the hard way.

Also there is something about the way Gina Bellman says "Our Mister Wilson" that is just so great.
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