Leverage: Redemption: The Debutante Job
November 21, 2022 11:51 AM - Season 2, Episode 1 - Subscribe

The team helps a journalist investigating the corrupt president of a small eastern European nation, and along the way, infiltrates a high society debut and a rock star's basement.
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... well, that helps settle what I'll be up to this holiday(-for-me) weekend...
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"Alstonia." :D
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Eliot reeeeeeeeeeeeeeally did not appreciate the script written for his civil-engineer role.
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Bilingual bonus: the orange truck that sells empanadas as well as "ropa vieja" (old/secondhand clothes).
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I enjoyed the techie rivalry in this one. I miss having Aldis Hodge around on a regular basis, but we can have two techies too.

The debutante seemed a bit old to be a debutante, but her ceramicist ska boyfriend cracked me up. Like a young Patton Oswalt.
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I thought they had resolved the tech rivalry between Hodge and Brianna last season, so that felt like warm-over leftovers to me. I did like the idea of Sophie having to come to terms with her Kiki persona again, but it seemed too easy.
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['Ropa Vieja' is food; a tomato and beef based stew. It traditionally calls for flank steak, the falling-apart fibrous nature of which makes it look like you're cooking shredded rags.
"Mmm, smells delicious, what's for dinner?"
(with a smirk) 'Oh, I'm just boiling your Old Clothes.']
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"Alstonia." :D

Ah! I kept hearing Estonia and was wtf all episode.
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Sigh. Hardison not Hodge, but I hope everybody understood what I meant.
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