Empire: False Imposition
January 28, 2015 10:33 PM - Season 1, Episode 4 - Subscribe

Everybody wants to sign Titan, the new hot thing currently cooling his heels in prison.

Cookie uses her Nation of Islam contacts/insights to help Lucious land the guy after she chats with his mama. Anika and Lucious originally hit the streets to try to land it and end up ducking a drive-by.

Hakeem and Tiana do a duet (more like showboating next to each other) at the Teen Choice Awards. Tiana walks in on Hakeem in the bubble bath with his real girlfriend Camille, and really doesn't give a shit as long as Hakeem respects his mama, which he refuses to do. Tiana also wants Cookie as her manager. I'm starting to think Tiana's a smart girl and is only dating Hakeem for the publicity and knows who to actually go for for talent (hint: not Ms. Pearls).

Lucious tells Anika about his ALS when his hand shakes too much to shave himself, so she does it for him. Oh yeah, and he has a little snitting match in da club when his old partner/rival (current owner of Titan's contract) shows up. Lucious does not like anyone else claiming his songwriting creds. By the end of the episode, there's a bit of affection going down between Lucious and Cookie, who always made a good team.

Not really in this episode: Andre. Barely in it: Jamal, who's moved to a new divey apartment, refusing to take Dad's money, and slowly getting inspired by the sounds of the streets, just like his daddy did.
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I'm with you on Tiana -- I thought she got together with Hakeem because she was flattered and carried away by an exciting night, but now I think it was a calculated move and that she wanted to be half of Takeem. Going to Cookie was a good move, and I want to see the two of them working together.

I noticed that when Lucious picked up the check that Jamal rejected, he looked downright warm and approving, despite everything he'd just been saying. I think he sees that Jamal has really decided to put himself in the game.
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i am loving this show and i just thought tonight to check fanfare - i am now also loving your recaps!

pretty sure i cheered when tiana was all, i don't care about your shit get on stage and do it right, dummy. so far team tiana (and cookie, obviously). also, pretty sure the show wins for best assistants of all time.
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I'm sorry, but I crack up so hard every time Jamal is supposedly just noodling on the piano or walking down the street singing a song that's obviously been through substantial amounts of audio production magic. Hakeem's songs have mostly been set either in a studio or during performance, where it seems more plausible.
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