Star Trek: Prodigy: Supernova, Part 2
December 29, 2022 6:39 AM - Season 1, Episode 20 - Subscribe

Admiral Janeway commits to the development of a team, and a fleet, of young stars. (Season finale)

Memory Alpha's potential is infinite:

• The renewal of Prodigy for a second season was announced 8 November 2021.

• Through a message from Chakotay, the episode establishes that the events which concluded with the original crew of the USS Protostar ending up stranded on Solum in a now alternate future, took place 52 years from 2384, thus in 2436.

• Following the species introduction in PRO: "All the World's a Stage", an Enderprizian can be seen being instructed in the same class as Rok-Tahk in Starfleet Academy.

"It'd take any engineer at least a day—but Jankom ain't any engineer!"
- Jankom Pog

"Maybe seat belts?"
"Forget belts. We'll just go with the hold-onto-your-butt grab handles."
- Dal and Gwyn

"Together, your potential is infinite. Now, go boldly."
- Holo-Janeway

Poster's Log:
Almost an all-denouement episode—sort of like TNG: "Family." Makes sense Holo-Janeway couldn't fit on an isolinear chip. Moriarty needed a whole…cube thing.

Meat-Janeway's argument in favor of bending the rules for Dal is persuasive inasmuch as Starfleet has always seemed a lot more gun-shy about genetic augmentation, as opposed to simple mucking-about. This is a policy that seems way overdue for some rephrasing, at minimum.

Is Chakotay THE unluckiest space trekker ever? If I'm him, when all this is done, I get myself a nice ranch on Earth and never again so much as step on a transporter pad.

Gonna predict that an early season 2 episode involves cleaning up the warp-mess that the Protostar prototype propagated across somebody's star system.

Poster's Log, Supplemental:
See you February 16th for the premiere of Picard's third and final season!
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It was a great, sentimental-but-not-in-a-cloying-way sendoff for the season. And I can understand that the P-Star was ultimately too advanced to justify keeping it around, canon-wise. Gwyn leaving also makes sense, although I hope that they find a way to weave her back into the series. (My current theory is that she will arrive on Solum only to find that Ascencia/Vindicator will have already started taking over, and she'll form the nexus of the resistance.)

My only real regret is that they didn't get Alexander Siddig to come back as Bashir to speak up for Dal; he'd have a heck of an argument that, not to brag or anything, but it was his cure for the Founder plague that was key to winning the Dominion War. I'll also miss Zero's shambolic shell. But these are very minor quibbles; this series went way, way beyond being Kid Trek and was not only a fine continuation of VOY (if not, at least in this season, better than the "parent" series), but also a fine continuation of the TNG/DS9/VOY era in general. Can't wait for S2 to see what else they come up with.
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What I was happiest to realize is that the characters, and the way they look/move on screen have started to look a lot less wooden/artificial to me than they did at the outset. I'm sure some of it is just having watched them a fair bit but I assume the animation/rendering/etc also improved over the course of the season? I can't point at anything in particular, except the scene of actual warmth and contact between Dal and Gwyn just doesn't seem like anything they could have done at the start. (well, aside from the fact that they hated each other of course)

Wonder what ever happened to the orphan Catian.
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There's an opening in the crew; Kitty Caitian could take it!
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They blew up the ship! And in the first act. After last week, I didn't really think they'd have gone there.

I loved the Protostar design. It's so open and spacious: All that glass on the bridge, and the stairs leading up to the bridge. It's a set you can only build in animation. I'm excited to see what kind of ship they end up on next season.
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I cried at least 5 times during this episode. I feel like they nailed this season closer.
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I'm excited to see what kind of ship they end up on next season.

I feel like Janeway is going to give them the Voyager-A.
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My one little bit of confusion in this episode, probably the result of my tendency towards literalism: Murf's a Mellanoid slime worm, a previously known species, so why would Rok-Tahk's ease of interaction with him lead the Starfleet officer to suggest xenobiology?

Good season ender, great ending to this story arc. We still need to know what happened to the original Unwanted and what their adventures on the REV-12 look like (and, yes, BRING BACK THE KITTY), but I'm ok with that becoming some filler exposition in S2.
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Hey, guys, I'm finally all caught up! Guys.....
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