Star Trek: Prodigy: Supernova, Part 1
December 22, 2022 7:05 AM - Season 1, Episode 19 - Subscribe

Can't stop the signal, Dal.

Only the Talk pages could tear Memory Alpha apart from within:

• This episode features the appearance of several known starships, including the USS Defiant, USS Enterprise-E, USS Centaur, and USS Thunderchild. (According to the press kit for PIC Season 1, Picard left the Enterprise and was promoted to admiral in 2381, to assist the Romulan people. The Thunderchild goes on to appear in the season finale of PIC season 2, which is set in 2401; "Supernova Part I" takes place in 2384.) It also introduces and "canonizes" the formerly presumptive Sovereign-class prototype USS Sovereign; its registry number (NCC-73811) was established in the video game Star Trek: Bridge Commander.

• The Devore and Brenari appeared in the VOY season 5 episode "Counterpoint" [FF previously].

• This episode establishes that the Klingon Empire remains an ally, but not a member, of the Federation as of 2384.

• Captain Trij is voiced by Debra Wilson.

"Jankom calls THAT maneuver the 'Slippery Dipsy-Doodle'!"
- Jankom

"You are my daughter—my spirit's song."
- Diviner

Poster's Log:
Big episode in many ways. Like the last few, it's moving the story along at a much-accelerated clip, which IMO is welcome after the slowish early part of mid-season-1. The thing that absolutely gave me Feels here was watching all these DS9-era ships get torn apart in pretty DS9-ish ways.

I expected the Klingon Kavalry to show up early in Part II, but I guess their arrival was too obvious to postpone that long even in a kid's show. I'm glad, because now I can't really guess what'll happen in Part II, except that all of this seems to be a great pretext to update the fleet. I mean, Centaurs and Excelsiors are still showing up here, and we know from PIC that the fleet'll change a bunch in a few years—maybe influenced, connectivity-wise, by some Starfleet equivalent of an Adama.

Poster's Log, Supplemental:
The next episode is the season finale.
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(And speaking of DS9 nostalgia, I just started a DS9 rewatch a few days ago, and am posting some thoughts here, if anybody's interested.)
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Hah, that "Counterpoint" rewatch was just two days shy of five years ago. And, honestly, that bit was my favorite part of the episode, although the rest of it was pretty tight. I'm also wondering if the ep title is prophetic; if the thingy in the Protostar is what's still turning the Fed ships against each other, then the obvious (if sad) solution is to set the controls for the heart of the sun and abandon ship... but maybe not if it's going to make the sun of that solar system go nova and kill however many people are aboard the possibly-still-disabled Fed ships.

Also betting that Ascencia is going to Solum to set up an anti-Fed government.
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This episode was packed. Prodigy is really firing on all cylinders.

In his dying scene, the Diviner finally drops the cold, distant, and self-focused "progeny" label for Gwyn and calls her his "daughter." Nicely done.
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Hat tip to the tagline, CheesesOfBrazil.
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There's a part of me wondering if this is how we teach the youngin's about paradoxes - if Starfleet is destroyed, they can't end up at Solum, there's no Solumnian Civil War to blame on Starfleet, there's no temporal froo-fraw to eliminate Starfleet before the civil war.

I'm looking forward to the second part tonight - for a clearly labeled 2 part episode, the first part really didn't end on a cliffhanger, so I'm curious to see where they go from here.
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