Sorry About the Demon (2022)
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[TRAILER] What's worse than getting dumped? For Will, it's finding out that his new place is haunted. Now faced with a quarter-life crisis and a house full of spirits, Will must figure out how to make things right with his ex-girlfriend AND banish the sacrifice-seeking demon residing in his house.

Starring Jon Michael Simpson, Olivia Ducayen, Paige Evans, Presley Allard, Kristen MacCulloch, Sarah Cleveland, Somerville Black.

Written and directed by Emily Hagins. (Hagins directed the "Cold Open" segment in Scare Package, which was one of the better parts of that film.)

I could truthfully say this is "100% fresh on RT" but there are only six reviews so far.

Currently streaming in the US as a Shudder original. JustWatch.
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So I was in a mood last night and threw this on. Despite me being annoyed by the opening premise, the movie grew on me and by the end I was entertained. If you're looking for a silly horror comedy that involves a demon who writes messages on cakes well you could do worse.
posted by miss-lapin at 8:19 PM on January 20 [1 favorite]

Ii had very much the same experience. It's pitched at the level of silliness as maybe a Lonely Island/SNL shorts video. But as it settles in, it works better and better.

Fun little movie.
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I enjoyed this more than I expected from the silly, light-hearted, low budget feel of the beginning. It was funny without having to veer into super gross-out comedy or extreme gore to prove its horror chops, but there were plenty of typical horror movie jump-scares (predictable, but fun anyway.) Yeah, this was a big thumbs up for me.
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