The Circle: Season 5
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The Circle is back with more twists and turns.
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I haven’t finished this season yet but just found out the winner while googling to make this post. 🙁 I’m frowning because of the spoiler but 🤗 over who the winner is. Some comments to start us off: I really liked the Jennifer character and wished she was real. Those two played a good game.
posted by dianeF at 9:10 PM on January 20, 2023

Oh man, my partner and I did NOT like Jennifer. She just lays it on so thick without ever being real with anyone. I mean, I guess I should put "real" in quotes given the situation, but still.

Not a spoiler at all: in either the last or the penultimate episode, you find out someone names their plants, and one of them is named Keanu Leaves, and now I am on a mission to name all of my partner's plants.

Maybe a minor spoiler depending on how far in you are, but still keeping it fairly vague and it's barely spoilery anyway:My memory of past seasons is so blurry, perhaps because we've watched the French and Brazilian ones too, that I honestly wouldn't have recognized Sasha if they hadn't made such a big deal about it.

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I can appreciate that perspective. Maybe I just want an aunty for myself, even though I’m almost as old as Jen.
posted by dianeF at 9:50 AM on January 21, 2023

I was really rooting for the duo playing Jennifer, almost despite myself. They were really cute together. I get that the show is built on isolation, but I like when people team up. Raven and Paris were also really cute together.
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I was really rooting for the duo playing Jennifer, almost despite myself. They were really cute together.

They were a good team and I was glad the host asked them at the finale if they'd ever date because I had been wondering. Their answers made me think it's not outside the range of possibility.

I enjoyed how the show was proactive in explaining Paris' role in Raven's game (just a voice) and also explaining how the interpreters would work during the "group dinner" at the finale.
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