Abbott Elementary: Valentine's Day
February 9, 2023 6:52 PM - Season 2, Episode 14 - Subscribe

Janine has a student secret admirer. Someone complains about Jacob teaching black history and Ava has to sit in on class. "Valentine's Day is our most confusing holiday."

Jacob walks in at the wrong moment to mistake who Janine's talking about having a crush on her. "You totally already knew, right?!" Janine is now in denial. "Just don't do anything nasty on school grounds," Ava says.

On a not-related note, Gregory bought Amber a LEGO flower set (I love it) because she's allergic to flowers. "This is the coolest freaking gift I've ever seen," Janine says, as Gregory doesn't quite get what she thought he was asking about. (I want one too.)

Wait, Ava actually paid attention in class?! "I might even get the credential I'm supposed to have to work here," she says.

Clearly Mo and Amber should be dating, they seem quite simpatico on gifts and fashion. I felt bad for them on the reactions to the gifts.

"I love the crap out of you!"
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Melissa's automatic, "I love you too, Barbara" was absolutely the cutest.
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Melissa's automatic, "I love you too, Barbara" was absolutely the cutest.

"Oh. OH!"
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Ava getting excited about learning while Jacob interprets her intensity as a sign he's getting fired was great.

Gift giving is hard; I just felt bad for both Maurice and Gregory. Those were thoughtful gifts.
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Exactly! Maurice thought about getting a fancy designer purse--which would have been up Amber's alley, but Janine has no clue on designer anything. Gregory thought like a geek in a way to give flowers to someone who's allergic, Amber was all "is this for my kids?" All logical deductions, from a certain point of view.

I now want Maurice and Amber to get together because their gifts would fit.
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I'd thought Janine knew about Gregory's feelings last week, judging from the rib-eating, but hahahah nope.
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Mo's a great catch. Not for Janine, but for somebody more like Amber.
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