Night Court: Justice Buddies
February 15, 2023 9:47 AM - Season 1, Episode 6 - Subscribe

Gurgs' tween nephew and some of his fellow students visit the court for a school project; things get out of hand for Abby, Dan and the night court team when the kids reveal their true motive is to grind the wheels of justice to a halt.


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The revival series dips into social commentary this week much as the original series did when Gurgs' nephew and his friends protest the sentencing of a street artist they follow on TikTok who vandalized a Christopher Colum-butt Columbus statue with a toilet. Gurgs eventually sides with the kids and joins the protest, but if she doesn't defuse the situation and stand down, she risks losing her job. In the original series, this story would have involved Bull refusing to return a laboratory orangutan or else face the consequences.

Abby's Nighthawks water bottle from Episode 2 can be seen on a shelf in her office.

At one point, Abby tells Dan he's not taking the protest closing their court seriously enough. Dan retorts that this is nothing compared to the old days because "...there are no bombs, there are no disgruntled warlocks!" These are all direct references to episodes of the original series.

Just get out of here before I take more of your birthday money.
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I think they had to do this episode, or one very like it, at some point. The system IS corrupt. Letting shows like this tra-la along while never addressing the corruption in the system IS copaganda.

Did they do it well? I'm not the right person to say. My white-person sense is that plenty of folks of color who work for the system justify it the same way Gurgs does... but I think we all know by now that at least sometimes this is not much more than rationalization.

The mutual-jealousy impostor-syndrome moment between Olivia and her Justice Buddy was well-handled. I could definitely be like that at the buddy's age. As an inadvertent educator, I had to fight the sin of Perdix from Olivia's side of it... but I'm old and settled enough now that it doesn't even bother me any more.
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