Abbott Elementary: Teacher Conference
February 24, 2023 5:39 AM - Season 2, Episode 16 - Subscribe

It's teacher conference time! Also highlights the differences between people who want to do everything on vacation or at conferences (Janine, Jacob, Gregory) and those who wish to relax (Barbara, Melissa, Amber).

Gregory thinks he's skipping the weekend for a weekend date of activities with Amber. Amber is a strict "lounger" vacationer and "we are not on the same page." THEY ARE BROKEN UP NOW, THANK GOODNESS.


Wow, Ava's literally giving a talk about how horrible Janine is. And put Janine's name on her bill? GOD, AVA.

There are education-named drinks.

Jacob hits it off with people from Addington, until they turn out to be kinda snobby.

Melissa has another run-in with her's complicated.

The Living Classroom (giant garden) is legit the prettiest. AND MOST ROMANTIC, AS IT TURNS OUT, BECAUSE THIS IS THE KISSING EPISODE Y'ALL....too bad it turns into panic, ignore, "I'm dating Maurice," sigh. Not that you couldn't see that a mile off.

"He's gonna turn you guys charter. If Abbott goes charter, none of your jobs are safe."
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My favorite part of this show is the friendship between Barbara and Melissa.

Gregory is a lot more fun after having a little bit to drink.
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I loved how much FUN everyone was having in different ways. And that garden was amazing for a first kiss.
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Tyler James Williams is KILLING it as Gregory. Such chemistry!
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I really liked Jacob finding his people and then realising their snobbery with the simple phrase to get out of there - he’s earnest and self aware.

Ava, never stop! She is chaos.
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I watched this with captions on and [EDM Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes] popping up during the first PESCA scene was hilarious.

I wasn't really feeling Janine and Gregory before this episode but now I am furious we have to sit through at least (AT LEAST) another half season of 'will they, won't they.' They will. Grar. That flower classroom though.

Loved the Schemmenti sister reunion. Inspector Gadget indeed.

I was afraid they were angling for a 'Jacob toys with the idea of moving to Addington' plot line, so I was glad that got shut down so quickly. Did we already know Jacob went to Oberlin? Of course Jacob went to Oberlin.

Barbara and Melissa are so delightful together.
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This episode was a good example of when the "we're making a documentary" fiction gets in the way. The filming of the flower classroom could have been a lot more delicate and evocative without the rough camera zooms and general reminders that they're being filmed. The talking heads were ridiculous - really, Gregory would talk to a camera crew about his feelings about kissing his colleague like that? I don't think so.

Despite that this episode made me a lot more invested in Gregory and Janine - they had the opportunity to be much warmer than usual.
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My headcanon is that Melissa's been slowly, intentionally corrupting Barbara for decades, and Barbara figured out what Melissa was trying to do pretty much immediately but lets her think that she's a "bad influence" by slowly, in a very controlled Barbaraesque way, letting her hair down a little more each year, just at PECSA.
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The Philadelphia Flower Show starts this week, and I feel like Quinta gave them a gift with this episode. I've never thought about how romantic it would be after hours in there until now. Mostly because the Flower Show has pretty similar demographics as PECSA, possibly fewer men though.

I loved that in their kiss, Janine pulled Gregory back by his badge to underline that it was something they both wanted.

I'm delighted that we're headed back to the charter story because I really want Leslie Odom to come back.
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The first time through, I somehow missed that Melissa and her sister were insulting that lady because the lady insulted them first, and it gave me a sad that they'd finally come back together as sisters by being cruel to someone random. I was much happier when I rewatched it after seeing her start it.

Agreed on the post-kiss interviews being where the mockumentary style fails; it's especially hard to see super private Gregory talking on camera like that. I just can't see it really happening.

I was braced for a big ugly setup with Jacob and was so glad that the other teachers really did like him and want him to join them, and especially happy that Jacob was not thrilled with what they were selling. But the best part of the episode had to be Melissa and Barbara making such a big show of being there and just having their fun, and Barbara scoring with the school supplies lady. If sea Barbara is different from land Barbara, maybe this is her third persona.
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I love that "educators conference" Barbara is very similar to sea Barbara.
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