Forever: Hitler on the Half-Shell
February 3, 2015 8:07 PM - Season 1, Episode 14 - Subscribe

The death of Karl Haas has Henry and Jo looking for a killer and working to solve a decades-old art crime; Abe receives a surprise visitor and a priceless gift.
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Do we know where Adam reappears after his deaths? It can't be the nearest body of water, like Henry, or they would have seen each other in the Hudson after the taxi deaths. Since Henry's first death was in water, does Adam's resurrection spot relate to his first death? Just wondering about the logistics of Adam's time in the concentration camp -- did they know where to station soldiers to recapture him after every time he died & went poof? Or did Mengele only get one go at him, and just managed to experiment for a long time without actually killing him, and then he was able to escape the region once he finally did go poof?

I liked seeing Henry so young & naive in the flashback. Hard to believe he's managed to hang on to that watch through all the years, if he carries it with him all the time it should have disappeared with his clothes umpteen deaths ago.
posted by oh yeah! at 5:32 AM on February 4, 2015

If Abe was a baby at Auschwitz, why does he have a tattoo? My general understanding before this was that Abe's parents were sent to Auschwitz, but they somehow smuggled Abe out - since I was also under the impression that they killed anyone that was too young or too old if they were actually sent to concentration camp.

Also, I'm kind of hoping that Henry's assistant is the first to figure out that Henry's immortal. Just for the sheer comedy of it.
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I think the assistant already knows. There's been a lot of ambiguous comments from him about Henry's age or mortality.

Liking the show, a procedural with enough differences to stand out from the crowd.
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Abe's tattoo is definitely a "pay no attention to the man behind the curtain/stay on the fun train" writing choice. Even if the Nazis were bothering to tattoo babies rather than killing them immediately, it would have faded & stretched to an illegible collection of blobs all these decades later.

I hope they get a season 2, it would be nice to see where the Adam & Henry relationship goes from here.
posted by oh yeah! at 10:32 AM on February 4, 2015

Yeah don't Google to try and figure out if they tattooed toddlers. That leads to an afternoon of weeping.

The final scene where he has his name and that photograph of his parents was just lovely.
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Judd Hirsch himself was 10 at the end of the war. Damn he looks good for his age. (I was thinking "Why did they cast someone who was obviously too young to be born during WW2?" So I checked. Damn.)
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Ha, I did the same thing, Mogur.

I hope we get another scene between Abe & Adam now that Abe knows who he is - now he has an answer to his "Who's going to take care of you when I'm gone?" question from episode 3.
posted by oh yeah! at 5:30 AM on February 6, 2015

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