Somebody Somewhere: #2
May 1, 2023 7:52 AM - Season 2, Episode 2 - Subscribe

At poker night, Fred throws Sam, Joel, and Tiffani a curveball. Meanwhile, Sam attends a former voice teacher's concert in hopes of becoming her student again - with unforeseen consequences, and Tricia feels the effects of a small town filled with big talkers.I’m
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Somebody Somewhere Recap: Kinda Good But Kinda Gross [Vulture / Archive]
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“You’re gonna be all sweet to me when I’m being a cunt? Kind of ruins my thing."

god I love this show so much
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Despite the ending, I’m intrigued by St. Louis sushi.
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The link between St. Louis sushi and the title of the episode cracks me up. And please give us a half hour of Joel and Sam reviewing products in that sex toy shop.
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my wife's family has made a potluck food like St. Louis Sushi for a long time - I'm guessing it's a Great Plains thing. I have never tried it because I don't like large amounts of cream cheese on anything (yes, that means I don't do the schmear on bagels). My wife confirmed that it's also normal to use flour tortillas instead of the ham, or even as an outside wrap on top of the other ingredients.

For it to have created the literal shitstorm, it was food poisoning, not inherent to the item. My comment to my wife during the food sequence was "that's awfully white for ham on the outside."
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HBO’s “Somebody Somewhere” Is Middle-Age Queer Friendship and Hard-Won Hope [Autostraddle]
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Has the last character at the recital, the one with the St. Louis Sushi, been on this show before? Or does that actor just work so much that it's hard to keep track of him? He was hysterical.
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IMDB says just one episode for him but he has 167 acting credits!
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I don't know why, but Fred's presence just calms me...especially after watching Succession.
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