Judge John Hodgman: Do You Want to Hoard Some Snowglobes?
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A man wants to dedicate a room of his house to the movie Frozen; his husband objects. With special expert witnesses Robert Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Lopez!
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That was incredible that they knew the composers of Frozen. Also this marks the very first time someone got the cultural reference at the top of the show!

I liked how deftly Hodgman explained a highly specific but very subtle distinction between collecting fan art that was "highly curated" vs. "buying lots of plastic crap" and if the ruling stands and they follow it, a Frozen theme room could be subtle and cool without looking like a crazy superfan's dungeon lair.
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I know these guys are they are delightful and really do know everyone to the extent that every conversation with them turns into namedropping but in a delightful way. And of course Jamie got the reference--he's basically a reference-getting machine. Someday I plan to visit that room and it will be glorious.
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Finally, somebody heard my brainwaves!

If only it were something more powerful than SNOWPIERCER! SNOWPIERCER! SAY SNOWPIERCER!
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I really wanted to see that drawing from Caroll Spinney. I was hoping it would be part of evidence, but no such luck.
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mathowie, I think there's been a couple of previous cases where someone got the reference, but Hodgman was able to spin it or come up with a follow-up that the person didn't get, so he disqualified the person. This was probably the first one he wasn't able to waive away.
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Also this marks the very first time someone got the cultural reference at the top of the show!

Actually, no; it's happened before, even without the judge officially finding a way of weaseling out of it (but the case was played through anyway). It's just been a long time.
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