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The entire internet decides to look at one famous butt at the same time. One man has to ensure that the website hosting Kardashian butt pictures doesn't crash. The sheer terror and joy of solving that problem.

Plus, another installment of Yes/Yes/No, that mentions MeFi's own Greg Nog.

Paul Ford's article on the subject.
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Does anyone else thing that YYN could be its own show? I just freaking love it. I started out firmly in the "no" column to start so I enjoyed learning along with Blumberg. Also I got a little squealy with excitement when they mentioned "this guy @cat_beltane." Apparently I follow a member of Weird Twitter!
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I LOVE YYN, and I was waiting for this thread to go up just so I could say so, and perhaps encourage those guys to include it every week.
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I would totally listen to a podcast that was just YYN.
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...and Alex, if you're reading this, congrats to you and your wife, and welcome to Harvey!
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Sounds like they edited the first few minutes of the show, so they do mention Paul Ford's Medium article now.

I'm so happy with how this episode turned out, every few weeks I drop Alex an email with ideas, but after I saw them gushing over the Paul Ford piece I told them there was more to the story and gave them Greg's email, which they used to schedule an interview soon after. Greg said they talked for like 2+ hours and it went well, it's kind of amazing how it was all smashed down into ten minutes or so.

I know Greg so I know more of the story, but I'm kind of bummed they didn't talk more numbers (everyone involved seemed to be nervous about opening the kimono) but what Greg accomplished in a week, taking a little blog for a small magazine into supporting the biggest internet meme on the web for a week or two is really extraordinary and I'm glad he's getting press for it. The tools for caching and memory management and stuff are pretty amazing.

I enjoyed the YYN, but thought the explanation of Weird Twitter downplayed what it was too much. I fear it came off as more juvenile and jokey than what Weird Twitter really is to me, which is pretty high absurdist Dada-esque art. I mean sure they're mostly goofy borderline nonsensical jokes, but they're jokes that take a liberal arts degree to setup and write. They look like noise but all have deeper meaning, it's truly an amazing thing I think deserved a bit more respect/admiration for what they do in so little words.
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mathowie, is there *anyone* you don't know?!

Thanks though for getting the gears going for this show, it was a great story.

Maybe they should do an entire episode about Weird Twitter? I would also enjoy an episode about Darth.
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An interview with Darth would be even more awesome than their interview with JenniCam, and that was pretty amazing.
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I feel like they need to package that YYN thing and slip it into Morning Edition or some strategic place so my mom will stop asking me these exact questions.

Otherwise just glad I finally started listening to this after listening to Startup since the beginning... hopefully they have even more good shows soon.
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They could also do a parenting YYN where they try to teach PJ how to change a diaper!
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I was really excited about this piece because I loved Paul Ford's article (I seriously think it's one of the best things I've read all year, and I have about zero interest in what sysadmins do), so I'm sad to hear that the original version of the podcast didn't mention him. :(
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We have asked Darth to do an interview in the past and Darth politely declined.
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Alex, I figured he would. But glad you asked!

I'd also suggest Karl the Fog but I imagine he also would decline.
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Agreed with Matt: My own definition/interpretation of "Weird Twitter" is a lot more literary, and a lot less political than the one that the Reply All guys seem to have encountered...

(See also: Greg Nog)
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