Manifest: Part 2 of Season 4 (Full Season)
July 20, 2023 1:07 PM - Season 4, Episode 11 - Subscribe

In the last 10 episodes of the series, Ben and Michaela lead the Lifeboat against great odds, including the Registry’s further sanctions against the passengers and mounting vitriol for them from the public. With Angelina also still posing a threat, the stakes are higher than high leading up to the Death Date. (Netflixlife)

Another time jump, 10 months this time since the last episode. The surviving members of Flight 828 have all been rounded up and placed in detention where their visions are closely monitored. Cal, now healthy again, is still living free under his new identity. Michaela gets regular visits from Zeke who is living “in the light”. Callings continue to be resolved under trying circumstances.
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The second half dropped in June, I’d completely forgotten about this show and most of the background mystery but regarding the main characters, it’s getting pretty obvious that Drea’s “no strings” involvement with Jared leaves the door open for Michaela getting over Zeke’s death and reuniting with her first fiancé. Ditto Ben and Saanvi. Oh, and there’s a huge smoldering hole in an apple orchard.
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Ok, they never explained that hole in the orchard, maybe it was a beginner volcano but otherwise it wrapped up nicely, a bit Bobby In The Shower-ish. The producers/writers clearly planned ahead and that’s satisfying too, LOST.
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I just finished the finale. I was sobbing at the end, because that ending was so earned. Like literally they had judgement handed to them based on the last 5 years, and I was also glad to see a certain someone reprise their role for the end.

But yeah that smoking plane-shaped crater in the orchard was kinda unexplained, as was the dream/calling with the old man that got shot by commandos in the orchard. I chalked it up to far-reaching symbolism, though, and it's not like they're huge plot-holes.

Like Twinbrook8 says, it was neatly wrapped up, which I really appreciate.
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It's been a bit since I saw this, but wasn't the burning spot in the orchard where the plane that the pilot stole landed when it came back?
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