Mystery Science Theater 3000: THE MASK
July 20, 2023 4:42 PM - Season 13, Episode 11 - Subscribe

"THIS IS THE MASK!" (picture of 3D glasses with an angular look) "YOU WILL BE GIVEN ONE ON ENTERING THE THEATRE. YOU WILL BE TOLD WHEN TO LOOK THROUGH IT. When you do, it will make you part of the desire-fuming brain of a monstrous genius of insanity. You will live with the living dead. You will share what no living person has known before." "The greatest thrill since you first saw a picture move! LOOK THROUGH YOUR MASK... IF YOU CAN'T TAKE IT... TAKE IT OFF! The management is not responsible for nervous breakdowns!" Well, huh. That text is from the poster. Evidently, the 'unknown knowledge' and 'greatest thrill' are cheap optical effects... presented in THREE-DEE!! The movie itself has to do with a guy, who is NOT Jim Carrey, driven to suicide by the things his mask shows him, and his psychiatrist, who decides to see what all this insanity is about for himself. This one is NOT a rewatch! Well it is, but I neglected to make posts for the last three episodes in Season 13, so we're going with first-time posts now! It premiered October 22, 2022, in the Gizmoplex.

Episode 1311
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IMDB (5.8 stars)
"A young archaeologist believes he is cursed by a mask that causes him to have weird nightmares and possibly to murder. Before committing suicide, he mails the mask to his psychiatrist, Dr. Barnes, who is soon plunged into the nightmare world of the mask."
Directed by Julian Roffman. Written by Frank Taubes, Sandy Haver and Franklin Delessert. Starring Paul Stevens,Claudette Nevins and Bill Walker.

Notes: Presented in theaters in 3D, MST3K did both 3D and 2D versions of the video, and sent out 3D glasses to Kickstarter backers.
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How on earth is this not a William Castle movie?!
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