The Afterparty: Hannah
July 28, 2023 6:48 AM - Season 2, Episode 4 - Subscribe

Edgar's adopted sister, Hannah, wants to stop the wedding because of her own broken heart.

We vaguely thought this episode was going to be French New Wave-ish? Realizing it was going to be a Wes Anderson pastiche (and a really well-done one!) about 30 seconds before the Belle & Sebastian kicked in may wind up my favorite moment of the season.
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Aaaaaaaaa I loved this!
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I also had the moment of "they're going to do wes anderson!" and I also loved it.

I think we saw both human and lizard drink from the same (poisoned?) drink at about the right time. Right after the toast and before the typewriter key gift.
"if you want to write about a gargantuan gigolo, you're going to be in a real fix!"

Who gave Edgar that drink?
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I can’t wait for the inevitable lizard’s POV episode.
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As soon as I saw Hannah's hair and beret in Episode 1 I knew we were going to get a Wes Anderson episode. This was great. I'm completely lost on the mystery but I'm enjoying the comedy.
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Man two weeks in a row of pastiches that make it clear that they really love the things they’re parodying
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I appreciate that this season we're getting BIG reveals in each episode not just "Oh each character has their own spin on things" like last season. Like Grace/Hannah? That is a big deal even though it slots in well with what the other characters have mentioned. And I always sort of liked Hannah as the eccentric weirdo but actually completely confident in her own weirdoness. And YES ANDRESON. Such a good soundtrack this episode and it was lovely how colorful it all was. And a few neat little details like John Cho getting just a few minutes to give archery/life advice (every scene he is in is golden) and whatever is up with Jack Whitehall. This season also seems to be more deliberate in havingt each episode kind of set up the next one. Maybe it was doing it last season but I don't remember it as much.
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I suspected Wes Anderson as soon as she said ‘adopted’, because that’s straight out of the royal tenenbaums.
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Don't know if you noticed but the typewriter Edgar bought from Grace in Grace's chapter for Hannah wasn't a qwerty typewriter. So it wasn't the qwerty one that we see in Hannah's chapter with a bow on it that Edgar and Grace give Hannah. So why two different typewriters?
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The Blickensderfer No. 7 is also not a qwerty keyboard. I'm seeing a puzzle in our future, likely to do with the crypto fortune, and solvable only with these quirky typewriters.
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I think the non-QWERTY typewriters may just be part of a meta-puzzle. (The first one, at least, if you type out what would be A-to-Z had it been a QWERTY keyboard, gives you something to type into the wedding registry website...and that leads to a PDF of a word puzzle. I think it's just a mini-ARG.)

Separately, I keep thinking Hannah and her brother may have had something like an affair at some point back (like in Wes Anderson's third movie), hence all the over-insistence on her being adopted. Which would mean she's lying about some motives here, whether or not she's the killer.
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I might be forgetting something, but did Hannah mention the pre-nuptial agreement at all? Grace highlighted it in her ep, but it didn't feel like Hannah did.
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Awww, Hannah and Grace are an even cuter couple!

Wes Anderson is quite a thing to parody, this nails it.

"Thank you for that strange piece of wisdom." LOL.

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