The Afterparty: Sebastian
August 4, 2023 7:45 PM - Season 2, Episode 5 - Subscribe

Sebastian, like everyone else in this season, has a backstory that is more complicated than it appears. Theme for this episode is HEIST.
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I bought this story least all. Definitely my prime suspect right now.

In case it was driving anyone else nuts, the cater waiter is Bevers from Broad City
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I continue to adore the details and specificity of the genre pastiches. Completely lost it at the heist supervillain Connect Four set.
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I was not expecting that.
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Who is the real Edgar? Is he a cold-blooded mastermind or a sweet bumbling genius who is being taken advantage of?
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The actor who played Bevers was so effective that now I don't think I'll ever be able to give him a chance in any role. It's a shame. Like Joffrey from game of thrones. Just immediate hatred on sight.

I was also halfway through sourcing materials for a fancy connect 4 board until I realized how fingerprinty it would get in real life.

I also don't buy most of this story. But Sebastian is so shady that I think, by tv rules, he can't be guilty (of this. He's obviously guilty of other things).
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Jack Whitehall's American accent was somehow hilarious and believable at the same time. I'm waiting for the final reveal that he secretly IS British and works for Interpol or something. I agree it's too obvious for him to be the murderer.

I loved the Yasper cameo! I guess considering the end of Season 1 this was the only way we could see him...
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I was gobsmacked by how great Jack Whitehall's American accent was.

This could be the tipping point, after which we learn that Edgar was actually kind of a shit.

What if the killer is Aniq, and that's why Danner wants him with her?

Agreed, the Yasper cameo was pure gold.

This season is longer than last season - 10 episodes vs. 8. STICK THE UNCLE ULYSSES EPISODE IN MY EYEBALLS RIGHT NOW.
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Sebastian is hot. I really enjoyed this. Poor guy, Edgar mostly outsmarts him, but I did enjoy the doubled card.
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