Project Runway All Stars: The Freedom Challenge
August 14, 2023 11:04 AM - Season 20, Episode 10 - Subscribe

Make whatever you want and your model will show it off on the outdoor runway. What could go wrong? ELLE Magazine's recap.
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What happened to the timing of this episode? Why was the runway in the dark, especially after the comments earlier in the show about how amazing everything looked with natural light on the fabrics? So annoying as a viewer, and probably moreso for the judges. There were a few dresses that looked good in the dramatic dark rain, but overall, it's a fail for me.
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Yeah, if there is one thing that annoys me to no end on PR is the terrible camera work and editing during the runway shows. I want the camera to linger. I want to see the whole outfit and all of the details. I don't need a shot of the model's shoes.

And as you said, in this episode between the rain and the time of day and the lighting, you could barely see anything.

I was surprised they liked Rami's. I thought they'd knock him for being too simplistic, too old Hollywood, too not innovative enough. Personally, I wasn't sold on the colours but then again, maybe the gold and silver/pewter and beige/whatever it was, I was having a hard time telling, looked better in person.

Out of the bottom two, I really disliked Kara Saun's (especially the colours) but her story made it a bit easier to take, but I felt that it fit her model better and that she actually tried something relatively modern (that muppet fur/feathers fabric seems to be having a moment and so does that cut of the jacket). In contrast, Prajje's didn't fit at all, and that silhouette was straight out of the 1980s in a very bad way. I'd have sent him home, but I think the judges feel that Kara Saun is too locked into her "costume design" box to ever be fashionable, hence the "auf."

I loved the brown Bishme used. That is such a colour I gravitate towards, and I'd love to see more clothing available in that shade. I loved the bottom of the skirt--those were fabulous ruffles--but I'm so over the sheer skirt and visible panty look that everybody has been wearing on the red carpet. I didn't think the top half of the outfit really worked well with the bottom.
posted by sardonyx at 12:14 PM on August 14, 2023

What a stupid production decision, outdoors in late fall (?). It was pissing down rain in some shots. It takes hours to film the runway. Everyone but the models bundled up in coats. Bah!

I never thought I’d want to see another sheer-over-granny-panties but wow, Bishme. Clear winner, no contest. Agree with sardonyx about Rami’s gown (Mimi sold it but that was not her color) and Prajje’s except I think he would’ve been safe if the top had at least fit better.

I was shocked that Kara Saun was voted off since all the buzz this season has been about her. I know a person’s style can change but she was already working as a costume designer before the 1st season and her collection was the opposite of this ruffled fairy stuff, which, great that she’s working with kids but she knows it’s not going to work with the judges.

I couldn’t even tell what Korto made but I’ll bet she had the only warm model. Brittany, eh, tired of her shtick.
posted by TWinbrook8 at 6:17 AM on August 16, 2023

Agree. So lame to do this in the rain. There was absolutely no reason for that, it didn’t add anything. If there were spots on Rami’s dress like he feared, nobody could see them.

Also did not like Rami’s dress. Look, I don’t know anything about cutting on the bias that’s great and impressive, but it just did not look very interesting. That metallic fabric looked cheap but I’m sure it did look better in person.

I think they sent the wrong person home. I was interested in what Kara Saun made every week more than anyone else. She was in the top a LOT. I did not love the end result she made but it was well made and had some great elements.

I really don’t know what Korto’s looks like, either. I think she said a robe but it didn’t flow very well when the model walked.
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