The Afterparty: Ulysses
August 17, 2023 5:40 PM - Season 2, Episode 7 - Subscribe

Aniq and Danner move the investigation to Zoe's family, starting with her free-spirited uncle. His tale is an epic, global romance.

Vulture recap
Town and Country interview with John Cho and Ken Jeong. They make it clear in the lead paragraphs that the interview took place before the SAG strike.
Consequence interview with John Cho about dancing.
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The episode I have been waiting for! But I was not expecting Step Up meets Legends of the Fall. John Cho seriously commits to every element of this. But what really got me was Ken Jeong. We don't get to see him be serious pretty much ever, but he was here, and he was really believable.
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Ken Jeong rarely seems to go understated and naturalistic, which also helps lines like “YOU look AWESOME” really pop
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What a rollercoaster! After this episode, I’m liking the possibility that Edgar’s death was an accidental byproduct of one of the brothers trying to poison the other. Zoe’s family just got a lot more interesting.
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OF COURSE THERE'S CARELESS WHISPER. I also did not expect a dance show, of all things. I'm reminded of Jon Chu dance movies.

I have more respect for Edgar after some of these episodes. Still kinda sorry he's gone.

Honestly, for all the shitty reviews I read when season 2 came out, I'm enjoying this and not getting the shitty reviews.
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yeah I genuinely don't understand the negative reviews, unless they were based on, like, just the first episode or two
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I love this show, and it surprised me again with this one.

What else are we going to get? A black comedy? A superhero movie? Tortured genius biopic?
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I haven't watched this week's yet (tonight!) but based on the character and the intro sequence, I'm guessing Feng is up soon and his will be in the style of, like, a vertical TikTok video or something
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Wow. That was great in so many ways. It was also the funniest episode of both seasons for me - I'm a sucker for committed overemotional dancing, and this just nailed it. Also, I don't have the patience to line them up side by side, but I'm pretty certain that the dance training montage was a shot for shot match with the training sequence in Dirty Dancing. Chef's kiss.

I haven't been loving this season, and I still think this has stopped being a murder mystery in any meaningful sense and is just a fun series of random life stories that tangentially have a murder in common, which wasn't really what I came for. But this episode made it all worth it for me, so I'm good.
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"Oh come on, the Gulf War? John Cho wasn't... oh fuck me, John Cho is 51 years old goddammit."
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GenX has entered the chat
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