The Afterparty: Danner's Fire
August 11, 2023 3:45 PM - Season 2, Episode 6 - Subscribe

Why did Danner really leave the police force? She presents the scintillating story to Aniq in a sultry TMI episode evocative of creepy 90s thrillers.

Just a great performance by Michael Ealy in this one, he's always terrific. Also was nice to see Culp again, I missed him.
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This was a great episode! I've been laughing at the "One tiddy likes the smacks, the other tiddy likes the wax" for the whole week. The 9 and ½ weeks bit in front of the fridge was pretty fantastic, no half-measures, they really committed!
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I thought that scene went on for too long, but then!

Macaroni man!
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I've liked Michael Ealy for a long time, but I'm only familiar with him from dramas. He was hilarious in this, and proof that comedy is drama taken one step further.

I'm back on Travis as the killer, because "anybody could have done it!" Trying to throw someone off the scent, maybe?

I also think Ulysses has something he's hiding. (I mean, besides the fact that he's Grace's dad - that one's obvious.) I wonder if he hasn't actually traveled? He could have used a service to send postcards from other countries. (But then again, he does have those skills with arrows and everything else. Maybe he IS a spy!)
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Well it wasn't obvious until you said it.

I hope Ulysses' episode is like a... Walter Mitty (? The movie with Ben Stiller longboarding in Iceland. You know.) thing. I want to see his adventures!
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Well, that was certainly a dirty, dirty thing. I was feeling Aniq's pain.

Ealy was rocking it, as was Culp.
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