Reservation Dogs: Frankfurter Sandwich
August 30, 2023 6:19 PM - Season 3, Episode 6 - Subscribe

Uncles Brownie, Bucky and Big take Cheese on a trip to the woods.
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Very powerful episode that ties in perfectly with last week's.
Cheese helps his Uncles just as much as they help him.
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Funny, sweet, a bit silly at times (Big wouldn't know what E. Coli is?), and yeah, a nice connection to last week. Love Irene's smart intervention, the uncles doing their best to pass things (and farts) along, and bits like the look Big gives Cheese after asking him what lesson he took from the Bigfoot/tear story and Cheese offers "Sometimes we need to cry even when we don't know it?"

Lots of quiet and/or fun moments - Big telling Bucky to "quit fucking cheating" with his traditional fishing ways, the guys talking sex, Bucky on board with Cheese's pronouns, the rest of the kids showing up...such a good, heartfelt half hour this week.
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Loved it. Anytime we get more Cheese is always good. Cheese seems like he understands people the most. With the whole scene in the circle. And seeing how the elders were trying to help one of the young ones was beautiful. I understand now why they've focused more on the elders this season. And then it ended in two Bigfoots (Bigfeet?) pissing on a log.
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This might be my favourite episode.
I loved all the uncles, especially Bucky.

I was a bit confused that they all thought Cheese was like Maximus, when in my head everything was linking Bear to Maximus, but I think that Cheese is smart enough to apply their teachings to whatever situation.
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It was a great follow up to Cheese's grandmother's desire for better integration between elders and the younger members of the tribe. It's always fascinating when we have very distinctive characters, like Bucky, Brownie, and Big, pulled into the same space, how they bounce off each other and reflect different perspectives. One thing I do wish, which wasn't really super apparent, was a better reflection on Cheese's belief that he was losing his connection to his friends. I don't think that was really exhibited in the lead up to this episode very well, so it came across as more something that happened artificially for the story versus organically over time. His personality and outlook has always been different, but so really has that all of the friend group.
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Cheese's belief that he was losing his connection to his friends

That did seem to come a bit out of left field to me, too. Especially because he described it as being linked to the fact that his friends are older than he is, and one of the key traits about Cheese is that he's an "old soul" and there never seemed to be much noticeable age difference. I said to my spouse recently that Cheese may have had the roughest life of the four of them (though Elora is probably a close second) but he truly seems to have come out of it as the most mature and kind. As I think about it now, that makes him the most logical link to the elders, and the one who can bring out the talk and the tears that they needed.
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This was such a lovely episode. It did feel a bit abrupt for Cheese to be withdrawing like this, although I think there's been some hinting at him feeling differently from Bear and Elora, at least. Less drawn to leave, particularly. What makes less sense to me is his feeling isolated from Willie Jack just due to age, since the two of them have seemed more in sync with each other.

I love Cheese's openness so much, and the acceptance the others show him, even if they don't entirely understand him.
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(Just a note since I posted the last few eps that I temporarily dropped Hulu for another streamer and will return to it when the series ends, so someone else may want to pick up posting the final four episodes here.)
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