One Piece: The Man in the Straw Hat
September 5, 2023 3:05 PM - Season 1, Episode 2 - Subscribe

Enter Buggy the Clown, the fiercest pirate captain in East Blue, and someone who also has history with Shanks. We've seen how Luffy and crew handle regular enemies but what about one that also has Devil Fruit powers?

Speaking of Shanks we learn more about his history with Luffy and also the significance of that straw hat. We also get to catch up with Koby and see how he's faring as a Marine. We're also properly introduced to Vice-Admiral Garp, he was the marine in charge of Gold Roger's execution in episode 1, and looks to have a large part in this series.
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The VFX for Buggy's powers worked pretty well. Buggy as a whole was darker than I thought he would be but that probably added to the impact of his final scene where he's just a head, hands, and feet. That was an actual LOL moment even though I "knew" it was coming. That's one thing with the series so far, I know what's supposed to happen but the show seems to be more faithful to the broad strokes of the story and throwing in specific details as Easter Eggs if at all.

I know that he's a minor character but I was a bit sad they got rid of Chouchou's story here.

I wasn't expecting the Koby storyline to continue but now that it has and Garp's shown up they've got to keep going with it right?

If they've done Shell's Town in one episode and now Orange Town in one episode can they do all of Syrup Village in one episode next? How far will the season go? I've seen pictures of Arlong on my Netflix so does it end there or do we get a bit further like Loguetown or Reverse Mountain? (I'd love to see them do the Crocus gags "Don't. Or someone will die") I've stayed away from previews and reading up about the adaptation so don't know how many Straw Hat actors have already been lined up.
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