One Piece: Tell No Tales
September 13, 2023 5:07 PM - Season 1, Episode 3 - Subscribe

Introducing the great pirate captain Usopp! The Straw Hats need a bigger boat and Usopp just might be able to hook them up because he knows the owner of the shipyard, Kaya. But Klahadore, Kaya's butler has other ideas.

Koby's story continues as Garp puts him in charge of a mission to capture Luffy and we're not done with Buggy yet as the fishman Arlong pays him a not-so-friendly visit.
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'Uso' means a lie in Japanese and Usopp is drawn with a long Pinocchio-like nose so he was clearly meant to be a liar. Or storyteller if you prefer.

I was wondering if they could keep the momentum of the first two episodes and deal with the entire arc in one episode but I guess the episodes won't be as self-contained going forward.

When I first tried to get my kids into the One Piece anime this was the storyline that turned them off it because Klahadore /Kuro was too scary for them at the time (they were quite young).
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Thanks for posting these. I’m really impressed with the characterizations - tropey but not beholden to the trope.
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I've now binged the whole thing in just a few days. It's tremendously fun.
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It was great. From the ending, I'm thinking Captain Smoker is up next. He's so macho, he smokes two cigars at once! (Plus there's the Devil Fruit thing.)
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Looks like season 2 has been confirmed!
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