Mystery Science Theater 3000: RING OF TERROR, with THE PHANTOM CREEPS, part 3
February 11, 2015 4:55 PM - Season 2, Episode 6 - Subscribe

(1962, B&W, Horror, College, Short) "Behold a Ring Forged in Hell from Flaming Molten Fear!" As a prank on a cocky young med student, his fraternity brothers cook up a scary task for him: steal the ring from off a corpse's hand. How annoyed must filmgoers have been, expecting a horror movie when the only scary thing turns up near the end and isn't even all that frightening? It's a really lame ending, and not just to the film, for this is the only episode in MST3K's 198-episode run in which the short follows the movie. YouTube (1h37m) First aired November 3rd, 1990.

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IMDB (1.6 stars)
"A group of medical students undertake some silly and frightening endeavors in order to pledge a fraternity."
Directed by Clark L. Paylow. Written by Lewis Simeon and Jerrold I. Zinnamon. Starring George E. Mather, Austin Green and Esther Furst.
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As of this moment the showing is still on for tomorrow, but timing is going to be tight for me. There's a chance I'll be late, or may have to postpone until Friday. I'll post updates here.
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What kind of guy is he? Oh, the Goodkind.
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I dread these static movies.
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Here is this week's room:

Showing is at 7 PM Eastern (in about an hour) as usual.
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Thanks for making it happen this week, JHarris. It's 3 degrees here, and I don't know what I would have done without my weekly fix. Pray to the fixies, I suppose. Or shovel snow.

Remember, onion ramchips, cherry ramchips, chocolate ramchips.
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