The Dungeonmaster (1984)
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A demonic entity challenges a computer programmer to a battle with the lives of the programmer and his girlfriend as the prize.

Paul Bradford (Jeffrey Byron) is a computer genius who has turned his personal computer, Cal, into a full time personal assistant and confidante. When he proposes to his girlfriend Gwen (Leslie Wing), she resists pointing out his true passion is computers and Cal. In the middle of the night, they find them themselves transported to another realm and Paul is challenged by Mestema (Richard Moll). Paul can use his "magic machines" against whatever Mestema decides to throw at him.

The movie is, in reality, an anthology with various segments written and directed by different people.
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Ooh, Richard Moll. Will have to try to track this down.
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It's on tubi.
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I should add-this movie is super silly, but I love it. It even has a stop motion monkey god.
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This is of course from Empire International Pictures (probably its highest profile film being Re-Animator and From Beyond) the precursor distribution company to Charles Band's Full Moon Pictures (who churned out such delights as the Ghoulies, Trancers, Puppetmaster, Prehysteria! and Subspecies series) . Like a lot of Empire Pictures product it is pretty cheeseball and slight but has its charms if you have a fondness for the early days of home video and SFX from the period. A trailer for it.
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Such 80's, I love it!

And stop motion!

That tech-suit, so much a product of its era/ budget.
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