All Elite Wrestling: Dynamite: Dynamite 11/1/23 and Rampage 11/3/23
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MJF has assembled a brute squad to regain his actual Championship belt from Jay White... but who's bruting who? Two title matches, plus "an important announcement" from AEW owner Tony Khan will take place on tonight's Dynamite.

Orange Cassidy will defend the International Championship against Blackpool Combat Club's Claudio Castagnoli following up on last week's Dynamite main event featuring Cassidy & Kazuchika Okada against Castagnoli & Bryan Danielson.

Women's World Champion Hikaru Shida will defend her title against Willow Nightingale. Shida is coming off a title defense against Abadon in a Fright Night Fight on Saturday's Collision episode.

World Champion MJF & three mystery partners will face Bullet Club Gold's Jay White, Juice Robinson, Austin Gunn & Colten Gunn in an eight-man tag team match.

Kenny Omega & Chris Jericho will team up once again as they face former Jericho Appreciation Society members "Daddy Magic" Matt Menard & "Cool Hand Ang" Angelo Parker.

AEW CEO, owner, president, and head of creative Tony Khan has promised an important announcement on tonight's episode as the holiday season approaches.
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Also announced tonight: The Elite vs. Brian Cage and Gates of Agony for the ROH 6-Man Tag Titles
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The story of Orange Cassidy's successful title defense: Claudio is bigger, stronger, and is super-pissed about Danielson getting his orbital bone broken. But Cassidy has his slippery nature and a rubber body, and even when his neck gets stretched he can still give Claudio a rana on to his bald veiny head for a three count. Jon Moxley comes out to vent his own anger, interestingly Claudio doesn't participate, even pulls his teammate off after a brief castigo.
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In stroyline, the reason why the Elite vs. Gates match wasn't announced further in advance is that Gates of Agnony invoked their "rematch clause" this afternoon. Swerve shows up in the middle of the match to taunt Hangman, who hilariously leaves his partners to chase but remembers to tag out first, leaving the Bucks to lose in a handicap situation.

Swerve really has gotten the better of Hangman in every situation. He wins the hometown match, does a home invasion, and now drives a wedge between Hangman and the Bucks. It's dramatic, but it really degrades the ROH title after the Elite had won them and then failed to ever show up on ROH to defend them. Is the entire ROH six man division here to service one rivalry?
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Someone on the Discord I frequent described Sting/Darby/Copeland vs. Christian/Nick Wayne/Luchasaurus as "Hot Topic vs. Spencer's Gifts" and I totally get it.
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In order to challenge the Don Callis Family, Kenny Omega says he'll call up Kota Ibushi to reunite the Golden Lovers, meanwhile Chris Jericho is... reuniting JERI-SHOW. Paul Wight shows up in his gear with the world's biggest glower and suddenly it's the best of 2010 WWE -- for a relative definition of "best" -- all over again!

Oh I love it when nonsense I make up in my head for fun becomes real.
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The single women's segment of the night served multiple purposes: First, Shida and Willow Nightingale have an excellent face-vs.face match where Willow is damn strong but Shida builds up her meter and gets in the fierce strikes she needs for the three-count.


The shot goes to black and white and Toni Storm comes out with her new manservant Luther (who bears a shoe on a velvet pillow) but Shida decides to cut it short and chases her out of the arena, still in B&W.


The lights go out and when they come back spooky witch Julia Hart is staring down Willow. You think Julia will try to black mist her again, but no! Skye Blue shows up with her leaky evil eyes, and I'm thinking she's now going to attack Willow...


Skye turns back and fires her BLUE MIST into Julia's face. I love that wrestling lore already holds that different mists have different properties, can't wait to find out if the blue stuff somehow reverts Julia back or something. This is exactly my brand of comic-book pro-wres nonsense.
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Disappointed and baffled by the absence of Danhausen.
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