The Gilded Age: You Don't Even Like Opera
November 1, 2023 7:36 PM - Season 2, Episode 1 - Subscribe

Agnes shares news of her nephew Dashiell's arrival in New York. Bertha backs the new Metropolitan Opera House.

The Vulture Recap - It’s Easter Sunday, the only reason for which is to allow us to see everyone’s HATS
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we just blitzed through season 1, where as recorded on Fanfare - nothing really happens, but the outfits and locations are fabulous and now we're back with so many hats, so many estates, opera and a lightning fast resolution to the whole baby drama.
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So glad this is back, even if the writing is sub-par (I am very mad about the baby plotline). WHAT A CAST! Get these Broadway babies singing already!
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I'm so excited this is back. The opera! The intrigue! The costumes!
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I told my wife the other night - "the writing is silly, the costumes are fantastic and all of the battles are both serious and inconsequential."

So yeah, I'm here to watch the costumes and sets, Carrie Coon and Donna Murphy moving through scenes like grand and powerful matronly battleships, Christine Baranski playing the American Dowager Countess, trying to figure out how the heck they've made Taissa Farmiga look so dang young and hoping that we get more of Peggy - in the striving role, not the battered at sea thing that's happening now.

Huh, I guess that's actually more than I thought. (Also, fervently plotting in my head the rising up of the downstairs so that they can stab their obscenely wealthy employers with oyster forks)
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The historical fiction angle of it really makes it fun - knowing that (SPOILER ALERT) the Met still exists today while the old guard's group ultimately dies out adds a fun little twist to it!
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I am very mad about the baby plotline

When Peggy and her parents went home to the house where her son lived, I felt a tiny bit like the father was into Peggy. Please, please don't make that Peggy's story. Ugh.

It's not going to be any fun watching George Russell try to break unions. I much prefer watching him break old money.

Just like last season, I've completely forgotten which downstairs staff goes with which house/family unless they're in the presence of their employers. No matter what, though, this is one of the most beautiful shows to watch right now.
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The opening hats montage is a perfect encapsulation of this show, no notes there.

Christine Baranski being apocalyptically mad about Marion teaching watercolors once a week is delightful.

Let's give Peggy something exciting to do, stat.
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Just like last season, I've completely forgotten which downstairs staff goes with which house/family unless they're in the presence of their employers.

Generally, the old money have old world servants (ie Europeans) and the new money have new world servants (ie Americans, even the French guy turned out to be American).
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