The Adventure Zone: Ep. 7. Moonlighting - Chapter One
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In this interlude chapter to the Adventure Zone saga, the mysteries of the universe are revealed to our heroes. Magnus has a good cry to some elevator music. Taako further unravels The Eldritch Riddle. It's about to get super weal up in here.
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Shit definitely got a bit real here. Mass amnesia plot reminds me of Big O, not that I ever finished watching that series.

Also really loving all the NPCs. Hoping to see a lot more of Avi and Johann and Killian.
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My favorite bits on first listen were Taako's continuing attempts to check out the arcana on everything and the groups small talk discussion about Phandalin with that one guy.
posted by drezdn at 5:20 PM on February 14, 2015

Lots of fun as always. I'm going to be a grumpy roleplayer again for a minute though.

1-You probably shouldn't let your players have a conversation "out of character" about their plans, the motivation of everyone involved, in front of the bad guys, but w/ever.
2-I think Griffin is making a bit of a new DM mistake in that he is front loading the plot somewhat and not really providing a great deal of motivation for the players to come along with it. With some play groups, the approach he took here would be a disaster (and as much as he says it would be fine if the players didn't drink the magic water, I don't see how the story progresses without it)
3-Another minor note, but it has happened more than once: if you let players make a skill check to discover something, they should probably discover something if they pass the check. I'm with Justin here: a nature skill check of 21 should tell you something more than "That definitely isn't a jellyfish!".

But eh, they're all pretty new to roleplaying, so I can forgive it, and it's been funny so far, so what the hell.
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(and as much as he says it would be fine if the players didn't drink the magic water, I don't see how the story progresses without it)

Looking back, it's pretty wild to think how different the plot would have been if they had refused. I don't think Griffin had the whole IPRE backstory in his head at this point, so it's possible the whole arc would have gone on a wildly different path if they had refused to join up with the Bureau.
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