The Adventure Zone: Ep. 6. Here There Be Gerblins - Chapter Six
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In this, the thrilling conclusion to our first Adventure, Merle, Taako and Magnus pursue their engulfed employer into the heart of Phandalin. Will they be able to douse him before things get out of hand? Also, are you going to finish that Luna Bar?
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Off to make a "So Kurtz, it hurts" shirt.
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I'm not a D&D gamer, but I'm going to hazard that most campaigns don't end in a Hiroshima-esque slaughter?
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I'm not a D&D gamer, but I'm going to hazard that most campaigns don't end in a Hiroshima-esque slaughter?

Kinda varies really. I'm enjoying this from a "this is funny perspective" but I'd love to peek behind the curtain of this adventure. I know that they are using a pre-genned adventure, which is interesting, because it implies that there is a genuine clause in it which says "if the heroes rescue the orc, then he will accidentally cause the annihilation of the entire town". Which is kind of a dick move from an adventure design point of view.

The roleplayer in me has to be shouted down occasionally to just go with the laughs (Justin playing Taco as an imbecile is very funny, but doesn't actually make any sense at all from a character perspective, for instance). I think it's an impressive thing to turn a roleplaying session into something that is funny: it takes an effort on the part of the roleplayers and the DM, and often a bit of rules fudging (you'll hear that on harmontown too, where Spencer will fudge the rules to make a more entertaining experience)
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Saw somewhere (Tumblr or Twitter) where Griffin said that he's been diverging from the set story and making up his own stuff since around episode 3.
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I loved Griffin's readiness to "throw dem shits out" (his four pages of story notes) to turn the Adventure Zone into a Quantum Leap story.
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