The Gilded Age: His Grace the Duke
November 20, 2023 11:17 PM - Season 2, Episode 4 - Subscribe

Bertha receives discouraging news from the Met, while Ada fears that her sister will disapprove of her meetings with Mr Forte and asks Marian to cover for her.

Still so many hats... more dukes than before. Wouldn't a servant have objected more strenuously to mucking with their employers seating arrangements? The good reverend has a knack for speed dating and that ending line and delivery had me laughing.

Also, George can go suck an egg for being a robber baron.
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Yes, watching Mrs. Winterton storm up the stairs had me laughing, too. I'm enjoying this show, but if anyone ever took it seriously, this episode should provide an antidote.
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How did Mrs. Blane go away so quietly?! This better not be the end of her. Laura Benanti can act crazy with the best of them - she'd give a stomping up the stairs scene what it was worth!
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Did Bertha actually leak Turner's past to Mrs. Astor? I feel like either I missed it, or there's someone else who did it. The casting for the Duke is so boring. We couldn't get a Downton person for this?

Also, poor little Cousin Dashiell's daughter. She's a little intense, but I think she actually likes Marian.

I'm so pleased that the Tuskeegee visit wasn't horrible. If the worst thing that happens to Peggy down there is that she has feelings for her boss, I'm great with it.
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I kinda had the feeling that the Duke is purposely a bit of a drip to heighten the absurdity of them fighting over him.

And I don't think we're supposed to know who dropped the dime to Mrs. Astor.

Also, Cousin Dashiell's daughter (aka Frances) is freakishly adorable along with intense. (Her actress is 15 which continues this shows streak of making it's performers seem younger than they are - but still not the eerie miracle of making Taissa Farmiga [currently 29] seem girlish enough to still need to be debuted to society)
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I feel like they really missed an opportunity in not giving Mr. Winterton a ridiculous accent. Shouldn’t leave all of that fun just for Nathan Lane.
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Oh lord, that storming up the stairs scene! It was ludicrously over the top and I loved it!!

The Tuskeegee trip made me so, so anxious for Peggy and her handsome editor, and I hope there isn't a horrible second part of it coming.

Yay for Ada! But I don't believe for one moment that a late Victorian rector would make out with her in church with the choir looking on, come on.
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Would a single kiss after a heartfelt and accepted marriage proposal really be considered making out by the parishoners?
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