Special Event: Film Crew: GIANT OF MARATHON
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We conclude our review of the four Film Crew episodes with another peplum, directed by Mario Bava and starring Steve Reeves as the hard-to-say Phillipides. This one's focus is more historical than the usual, with the events shown dating to the Medic Wars instead of the general mish-mash of places and people these movies usually give us. Wikipedia informs us that Bava was forced to reshoot some scenes when extra were spotted on camera smoking cigarettes, proving he's a cut above our usual grade of director. Also, this movie was actually considered to be pretty successful at the time!
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Thanks for following along with MST Club through the years! This week, and the next two weeks leading up to the Christmas Marathon, we're still doing our Thursday night shows, at https://cytu.be/r/metafilter_mst3kclub, starting at 7 PM US Eastern (4 PM Pacific) time, with the episode itself beginning at 9 PM (6 PM).

I'm not sure what we'll do after December is over. We're pretty burnt out after doing the show for so long. Ten years is a substantial part of a life. It's true, we didn't do weekly shows through all of that time--MST Club started with the Christmas Marathon ten years back, on a substantially different Metafilter, on a substantially different internet, and even with a different video sharing platform, the now-deceased sync-video, and with at least one of our regulars, the dearly missed oneswellfoop, likely having passed away since. We didn't begin weekly shows right away either, and once we started them, there came a point a short ways in where I had to take a break for a bit.

I'm not sure what we'll do now. One of my co-hosts runs other shows in Sunday and Tuesday nights, and those seem likely to continue for a while longer at least. I don't know how many of those I'll be able to make myself. I'd like to keep doing shows on a more sporadic basis, maybe monthly? I don't know what we'd show though. For the first two weeks of December we might show a collection of riffed shorts from our library, from the output of MST3K, Rifftrax and The Mads.

It's been fun doing these shows for you for all this time. It's true that our attendees have dropped over time, but I guess that's to be expected. I think Metafilter, for its problems, is still a jewel of the internet, and I've never understood why people seem to close their accounts so readily instead of working to make the site better. This isn't Twitter we're talking about, we're at a much more human scale here, and it's a lot easier to hurt people, and a lot harder to treat members as faceless blobs. But that means the connections we forge can be much stronger, and that, I think, is key to Metafilter's success.

Anyway. It's likely that there won't be Fanfare posts for the first two weeks of December, since we don't currently have a specific thing to serve as a theme. I'll have to trust that you remember we exist if you want to drop by. I'll announce the Christmas Marathon on Talk as usual, but as I've been reminded lately, not a lot of people read Talk. In fact, I hardly ever read Talk myself.

If we do decide on other things to show, then depending on what they are and if it's appropriate to do so, I may announce them here. In the meantime, thanks for following MST Club for all this time. See ya 'round the site.
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