Helix: Oubliette
February 14, 2015 9:15 AM - Season 2, Episode 5 - Subscribe

Kyle and Peter leave the wounded Sarah in the care of Grandma Agnes. Brother Michael has a staff meeting to motivate Ann and Amy. Brother Landry and Amy experience ups and downs in their relationships. Alan and Peter try work on their sibling issues. Caleb and Julia have a nice chat around the campfire as he sews up her wounds. Everyone asks lots of questions and the matter of legacies keeps coming up.
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I'm really enjoying this season, but a bit worried about this story playing out over 13 episodes. We're still on the island and as delightful as that is, it would be a stretch (it seems) to make this entire season about this one location. Hopefully they'll shift the story to Paris and somewhere and get into the Ilaria corporation.

Story and science are the show's weakest points. There's a continuous itch about the dumb things the characters do and what they put up with. But oh, the mood, direction and cinematography! It's one of the few shows that manages to really creepy, in numerous ways. The sounds and lighting really create a mood, and the song selection for some scenes is outstanding. I'll never hear the Brady Bunch song or the The Andy Griffith theme in the same way again.

Biggest complaint? Killing off Doreen and Sister Agnes just as they were getting really interesting. Hopefully some characters will return from the dead!
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I'm still miffed by the lacklustre use of hashtags.

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