Glee: Transitioning
February 14, 2015 9:51 PM - Season 6, Episode 7 - Subscribe

Sheldon Beiste and Unique return to school, eventually accompanied by a 300-strong transgender choir. I am still flabbergasted they found that many people who qualified AND who could sing, in OHIO. Will and Vocal Adrenaline get mutually fed the hell up with each other. Rachel has to move out of her childhood home and another wild singing party is thrown in the basement.

I have been unthrilled with the idea of making Beiste transgender (still prefer how it went with Unique actually, the one "new kid" I was into), but this wasn't bad. I pretty much agree with this review about Dot Marie Jones. (Related link: interview with Dot Marie Jones.) Though kinda strange how (a) Sue is actually being nice and (b) the primary harassment of Beiste is coming from oh, KIDS WHO DON'T EVEN GO TO MCKINLEY. Which is weird. I am also wondering what the heck Unique is up to other than singing and support-grouping.

Will is really enjoying the $$$$$$$ of working at Carmel, and it'd be a dream job if the kids weren't actively poisonous assholes who go around doing vandalism and getting enabled by their sponsors. Will's usual methods (by which I mean ambushing them with songs by trans people TWICE to appeal to their missing consciences) aren't working for shit, and he even attempts to kick out Clint (otherwise known as Evil Puck because man, they look alike) but isn't allowed to. Finally Will is all "Yeah, I am totally evil now, let's prank McKinley with a shitton of lube" (and they believed him?!?), only leading them into....the aforementioned 300-strong choir that took him a week (only a week?) to put it together. Because he does that rather than work. After the VA kids are still evil, Will quits to return to McKinley.

Rachel having to move out of her house does lead to an amusingly costumed dance party and Postmodern Spencer apparently has no qualms about wearing a tutu and a pink cowboy hat in the same ensemble. I also enjoyed "All About That Bass" with Mercedes and Roderick. Rachel and Sam finally actually date and make out, and I realized I have no issue with this because if they gotta replace Finn, why not replace him with the goofy friendly charmer guy who has chemistry with/has dated pretty much everyone else? Heck, he's even got brown hair now.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that Blaine and Kurt duet and kiss, Blaine goes home to break up with Dave (in the nicest breakup since Bill Pullman in Sleepless in Seattle, which super contrasts to when he got dumped on Switched At Birth), and then finds out that Kurt is dating Walter. Father figure, INDEED. Oh lord.

Also, am I terrible for thinking that somehow the entire high school was on that stage and the kids just happened to look really old, for a few minutes? Yes, I'm slow.

(As I am with posting this, but I have had a romantic two nights trying to rid myself of unisales. Which apparently no virus/adware remover gets rid of and you just have to delete it out of your add-ons in the browser and off the computer where it has installed itself. Now you know.)
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This episode turned out better than I was expecting. It gets bonus points for finally showing Will's wife (who runs a "pamphlet of the month club").
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