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A group of ambitious misfits try to escape the harsh realities of high school by joining a glee club, where they find strength, acceptance and, ultimately, their voice, while working to pursue dreams of their own.

Glee: 2009, Dreams Come True  Season 6, Episode 12

The first hour is essentially a "new-run"-sort of thing in which we see more scenes of the original glee club forming at McKinley. The second hour is the glee club winning Nationals, Will becoming principal of the McKinley Arts School, Sam taking over New Directions, and pretty much everyone else moving to New York or Washington D.C. Guess who the last one is? [more inside]
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Glee: We Built This Glee Club  Season 6, Episode 11

It's time for sectionals! And the same old shenanigans that happen every sectionals! Though this year's do involve more animals and cannon fodder, so there's that. [more inside]
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Glee: The Rise and Fall of Sue Sylvester  Season 6, Episode 10

Well, that was a mixed bag of crazy. Sue finally gets fired from McKinley and gets a new job. Rachel debates what she's going back to in New York. Dalton is burned up and the Warblers are all adopted into McKinley but don't want to lose the uniforms. Will and Sue wear terrible hair wigs and sing "The Final Countdown" to an auditorium of disturbed children. [more inside]
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Glee: Child Star  Season 6, Episode 9

It's finally time to actually get to know the new Glee club kids, and I'm finding that I like 'em. Even Spencer. In other news, everyone performs at a bar mitzvah of a kid who's a pint-sized boy version of Rachel. Except brattier. [more inside]
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Glee: A Wedding  Season 6, Episode 8

Everyone travels to Indiana for a gay barn wedding. And oh, it is glorious and will make you mushy despite yourself. [more inside]
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Glee: Transitioning  Season 6, Episode 7

Sheldon Beiste and Unique return to school, eventually accompanied by a 300-strong transgender choir. I am still flabbergasted they found that many people who qualified AND who could sing, in OHIO. Will and Vocal Adrenaline get mutually fed the hell up with each other. Rachel has to move out of her childhood home and another wild singing party is thrown in the basement. [more inside]
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Glee: What The World Needs Now  Season 6, Episode 6

It's Bacharach Week! Brittany finds out she's the daughter of Stephen Hawking, gets Artie to plan the wedding, embarks on a campaign to get Santana's abuela to accept gayness, and sells "Queso Por Dos" to Univision. Girl is busy. In other news, Mercedes is dating a Christian singer named Tank and encourages Rachel to get back on that audition horse/move back to New York again. [more inside]
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Glee: The Hurt Locker, Part 2  Season 6, Episode 5

Actually, if you ignore the Sue Sylvester plots, it was quite good. On the other hand, the Sue plot was pretty much an American Horror Story right there. [more inside]
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Glee: The Hurt Locker, Part 1  Season 6, Episode 4

I take back everything I said about Glee getting good again. Now I shall discuss my rage. [more inside]
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Glee: Jagged Little Tapestry  Season 6, Episode 3

This week's theme is mashing up two breakup albums (guess which). Kurt is still moping over Blaine and gets a little freaked out at another teen engagement. Becky gets a boyfriend and everybody worries about it. Sue has some surprising moments of nice. And something's up with Beiste, but what? Seriously, folks, you might want to give the last season a shot. I'm pretty impressed. [more inside]
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Glee: Loser Like Me/Homecoming  Season 6, Episode 1

Glee takes the Community season 5 method of "let's get the old band back together and come back to school!", with surprisingly good results. Is this show worth watching again? I think it's worth a shot, you guys! [more inside]
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